The Mad Hatter

I find that a lot of baby stuff is just too cute for my liking. So, since I got pregnant with Anakin I have been making things for him, things that perhaps add a little edge to the cuteness of being a baby.

I love sewing although I’m far from any expert. It’s learning by doing for me. And being a bit impatient, sewing for my kid is perfect. Little things take less time to sew than big things. Win win!

A lot of the things I make end up having skulls on them, but who doesn’t like a bit of skull and crossbones, right? I know I do. Here’s my latest hat for the young jedi, a sun hat you can make look even cooler by folding the brim up on the back and sides. The lining is grey to match the grey skulls.

hat_webWhat do you think? I like it when the younglings get to escape all the fuzzy wuzzy and get a bit of edge to their style. Never too young to be fashionable!


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