365 Project

The end… Day 361 to 365 – 365 Project

I’ve been holding on to this one for a while. But there’s no prolonging the inevitable. So with a bit of sadness, a lot of pride and some relief, here is the last instalment of our very first 365 project.


                                           361/365 In style

You’re a little man with a lot of style. It’s funny watching you become aware of the things you like and see how you choose them, like hats. A lot of kids refuse to wear hats, but you love them. You like getting new shoes and trying on new clothes. I’ve always tried to dress you less like a generic baby and more like an individual. I find most baby and toddler clothes too cute or just boring, but I reckon we’ve done quite alright in letting you have your own style.


                                   362/365 Love, captured

It is images of moments like these that make me so grateful that we are a family that takes a lot of photos. To see you and your pappa so happy, so totally in love with each other makes me happier than I can ever express.



                                    363/365 Walking with toys

The past few months you’ve insisted on bringing various things for our walks. Sometimes it’s a toy car, other times it’s two or three cars, a train, a stick or a teddy (or baby as you call two of them). At times you can hardly carry it all, but you never leave them behind or throw them away in frustration.



                                        364/365 Dress up

I love a good dress up. Slowly you seem to be gravitating towards it too. I’ve put small things like bunny ears and swim goggles in your toy trunk and some days you’ll insist on wearing them wherever we go. I hope you grow up to be the kind of kid who will wear a cape and a mask, or a tutu and a tiara to the supermarket if you feel like it and not care what anyone thinks. Who knows, I might just wear one too.



                                 365/365 A year in images

Wow. A year in images. I can hardly believe it. One image every day and now it’s come to an end. How suiting it is that this last image is of you and your pappa together, the two people who are the very light of my life, the sun I gravitate around. I can’t imagine what my life would be like without either one of you. Thank you for loving me and thank you for letting me love you back. Always and forever.


It’s a bit bizarre to think that this project has come to an end. Despite being a couple of months behind in editing I must say it has been an incredibly rewarding project to do. Looking at the first image now blows my mind. From this little baby to this big boy in just one year. To refresh your memory, here is the very first 365 image:

1/ 365

                                               1/ 365

Until next time, thanks for coming along on our journey so far. xx Dida


Day 356 to 360 – 365 Project


                               356/365 Electric 

Oh captain, my captain, ruler of the tent with wide eyes and electric hair. Sometimes you’re so cute I fear I might eat you.



                                357/365 New playground

We had a play date with some friends in a new park. You were high and low, too excited to stay in one place for very long. There was a big play tractor there, an immediate hit with your vehicle obsession.



                              358/365 Boys in the hood

A walk during a brisk winter afternoon. We had started house hunting, but had no idea we would be moving as soon as we did and leave the place we brought you home from the hospital to behind.



                             359/365 The original Mikka  

It was almost an overnight thing that you started to care about stuffed toys. We got you this in Norway after a day in the animal park. You named him Mikka after Mikkel Rev (a common name kids use for fox in Norway) and he came just about everywhere. You were so gentle, so sweet.



                             360/365 Coffee cups

There’s usually a couple of empty coffee cups floating around our house. Once you finish pretending to drink coffee like we do, it finds other uses. Sometimes it’s a hat.


whoa… there’s only 5 images left!!!

Day 351 to 355 – 365 Project


                                 351/365 Home 

We didn’t do much those first few days back in Melbourne unless you count rolling around on the floor or in bed. We did a lot of that. We let jetlag run its course and did our best to adjust to everyday life again.



                                      352/365 Big boys

You just loved watching the big boys at the construction site next to our old house. They drove big trucks, played with big, noisy toys and sometimes lifted things high up into the air. That was by far your favourite bit. Our walks would usually come to a halt here and you would just stand there in awe watching.



                                353/365 Anakin’s house

You got your own little house, a small tent I picked up at the store. You were ecstatic! It was barely big enough to fit you and your pappa, but it didn’t matter. Your face was beaming and you kept laughing as you poked your head out the door to see if I was still there watching. We had already planned to get you a bigger one, but first we needed to find a bigger house for all of us.



                           354/365 Bubble Man

During every bath time for a while you would “wash” hair by taking the foam and rubbing it on your head. Most of it would get on your face and you’d soon look like a little yeti. (Thank goodness for no tear, soap free bath products.)



                                 355/365 Thoughtful 

What were you thinking as I stood over you with the camera? Your eyes have that special look, focused yet far away. I could look at you forever. You must be as close to an angel as they come.

Day 346 to 350 – 365 Project


                               346/365 Best boys

These two. They both hold very special places in my heart. My nephew came to say a final goodbye on our last day in Norway. In some ways this was the hardest goodbye of them all. 7 years ago I left him as a little boy crying on the floor of his mum’s living room before going back to Australia, both of us heartbroken and  unaware of how long it would be until we would see each other again. This year, after hugging him goodbye as many times as I could, I watched him walk down the street while I fought against every instinct telling me to run after. It better not be 7 years until next time. Please.



                           347/365 Homeward bound 

And then we were off again. To you it was just another day. Unaware of final goodbyes and the distance we were about to put between us and our families. There were more airports to run around in, new things to explore. Your happiness is so infectious it was hard to stay sad for very long.



                                  348/365 Fumes

You were running on fumes once we got to Kuala Lumpur. Your pappa and I were both exhausted, but you, you just kept running. I couldn’t be prouder of how you handled the long journey. Despite one massive meltdown you were a champion (as was I for being your human pacifier most of the time).



                                349/365 The long sleep 

(iphone photo) Once we got home we slept and slept and slept. It was so nice to have our big family bed back. You surprised me again by sleeping for hours when I was sure of the opposite. Who would ever want to get up with you holding their hand?



                                     350/365 Winter sun

(iPhone photo) After three weeks in the summer sun it was back to winter and woollen jumpers. We were so groggy, barely getting out of bed before crawling back in. Pappa went straight back to work for the Melbourne Webfest while we slept. When we finally woke  and dragged ourselves out of bed he was back with us.

Day 341 to 345 – 365 Project

So because my metadata was on Australian date and time while we were in Norway I got confused and ended up with two images from the same day posted as two different days. So here’s the real 341 image.


                                341/365 Bitten 

Poor little man. You were eaten alive by mosquitos while we were at the cabin. I counted the bites on your face while you nursed, 60 just there. But you didn’t mind. You were still all smiles. My heart broke a little seeing you eaten alive, but with only more night to go we stayed on because to you it was all the same.



                                   342/365 Trio 

The three musketeers, the dog, your cousin and you. Like peas in a pod.



                                  343/365 Family 

(Photo by Odd) Your grandpa P has wanted a photo with all his kids and grandkids for a long time. We’ve never been gathered all at once before and managed to pile together for a few frames. Out of all of them this is one of my favourites. We only got to spend two days at his farm, but it was two beautiful days with so many great faces.



                                    344/365 Tractor

Your face was beaming when your grandpa P let you sit in his tractor. I’m not sure who enjoyed it more. You were blissfully unaware, but I could see how heartbroken he was that we had to go in only a few hours. If he could I’m sure he’d let you sit there all day, he’d take you for a ride and spoil you rotten.



                                  345/365 Goodbyes

On our second last day in Norway we had already begun to say our many goodbyes. We tried to squeeze in as many hugs as we could. You took a ride on your great grandma Ruddi’s lap, finally overcoming the fear and making her your friend.


(More snapshots from our trip to Norway coming soon!)

Day 337 to 341 – 365 Project


                              337/365 Cabin by a river 

After a hectic week in Kongsberg it was a relief to get in the car and drive to our cabin. You were so content roaming around outside, digging in the dirt, playing with the dog, and with your family, both Norwegian and Australians visiting. Besides millions of mosquitos, it was pure heaven.



                                   338/365 New adventures 

So many new adventures to be had in new places. You watched intently as the boat was being put in the water. Waiting to see what would happen next, if you could join in or if it was safer to keep a distance and observe.



                                    339/365 Perfect moment

This is one of my favourite photos from this project and from our trip to Norway. It captures so well the love between you and your grandma M. My heart bursts a little just looking at it. Your face so serene, so full of joy in the arms of my mum. Two of the most important people in my life captured in a perfect moment.



                                  340/365 Two peas

You and your cousin are so different, yet so similar. He’s loud where you’re quiet and vice versa, kind of like your uncle and I. Which makes perfect sense seeing how you’re our boys. You played so well together, stopping to share a cuddle with each other and with the dog along the way.



                               341/365 Running boy

You run when you’re happy and you’re so happy when you run. Your face shines with this particular smile that stops me in my tracks every time. Perhaps it’s the freedom of being outdoors, of feeling the grass beneath your feet and the wind on your face. I see this beaming smile so often, but it never fades, never gets old and it always makes my heart swell with more love than I ever thought possible.

Day 332 to 336 -365 project

You’re probably wondering why it’s taking me so long to finish the posting and editing of this project when the actual shooting ended in August… or you may not wonder at all. The answer, anyhow, is a lot. There simply isn’t enough hours in the day, but I’ll get there, eventually.



                           332/365 Taking a moment

I love it when I capture you taking a moment. When you’re completely unaware of the camera, or simply don’t care that it’s there, just enjoying the feel of a shark (or a dolphin?) between your teeth and whatever your current view is.



                                      333/365 Tired 

The days were long and full of action while we were in Norway. You were still battling jet lag, always caught up in all the excitement. In between visits and new faces we did our best to make sure you had some much needed down time. Id’ sit in the back with you, sometimes holding your head to stop it from bopping around too much, and we’d drive around for as long as it took for you to have a good sleep. I think your pappa and I needed that time too, to tune out, to talk or to just listen to the radio.



                                    334/365 Ruddi

Your first meeting with your great grandma, Ruddi. It was a bit exciting and a bit scary. You kept your distance for most of the visit, briefly getting close to check out her watch or her wheel chair. I’m so happy we got to spend some time with her, and thrilled that you two had a chance to get acquainted.



                            335/365 Festival, ice cream and grandpa PH 

It was yet another first meeting. Grandpa PH popped up to say hello during the jazz festival in Kongsberg to treat you to a balloon, some cuddles and a big ice cream. You are so easy-going with new people, so trusting, but sometimes things are best enjoyed in the safety of pappa’s arms.



                         336/365 Yoghurt face

Grandma M’s yoghurt and muesli was so good you had to stick your entire face in the bowl to get the very last bits out. When the food’s really good I do the same.

Day 327 to 331 – 365 Project


                                327/365 Airports and more airports

We’d finally made it to Frankfurt on our way to Norway. You were being such an amazing little man despite having travelled far and not had much sleep. I was so impressed by you. We were all completely exhausted by this stage, but somehow you mustered up energy to run around while we waited to board the plane and make our way to what used to be our home town.



                               328/365 A different kind of love

We live so far away from your grandparents. One of the things we enjoyed the most was watching you with them while we were in Norway. It’s a different kind of love, the one you share with them, and it’s beautiful.



                                      329/365 Cabin in the woods

We tried our best to ease into our time in Norway by spending a couple of days at a cabin in the woods. You were sick and jet lagged, we were all exhausted, but happy. And I finally got to introduce you to one of the people who mean the most to me, my oldest and dearest friend. And she loved you.



                                330/365 Norwegian Bear

Having a quiet moment, hidden away in a corner. I adore watching you in moments like these, there is something about it I can’t quite put my finger on.



                                  331/365 Bestefar G.

I remember my late granddad Bessa so well. I wish you could have met him. He was something special, he was one of the kindest, most amazing men I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. He made me a better person just for knowing him and being loved by him. You’re lucky, you have three granddads, all different, but all totally infatuated with you.



Day 322 to 326 – 365 Project


                             322/365 Monkey boy

Little monkey boy. I’ve taken thousands of photos of you already, but every day there is something new, something slightly different. I occasionally wonder what you’ll think of the enormous image library we have of you when you grow older. Will you look at it with curious amazement? Will you think it is too much?



                                  323/365 Cheeky

I now that face. It’s the cheeky face, the Ops, I didn’t see you there. I swear wasn’t doing anything…



                             324/365 Read to me 

“Bok. Bok, mamma.” (Bok is book in Norwegian.) I try my best to take the time to read to you as often as I can. You’ll pick a book and bring it to me, “Bok, mamma”, holding it up while looking at me with that little face that says please. You sit down on my lap and we read. Some books you’ll skip to your favourite part, particularly if we’ve made a funny voice for something. Most of them we have to read twice, and one is never enough.



                               325/265 Mammis 

I took you to the one of the local stores one day before our trip to Norway to get some things to bring on the plane. On the way in you spotted this weird looking tiger with huge eyes. You desperately wanted it and I thought it was a good size to bring on the plane. A few days before you’d been calling Hedda (one of our cats) Mammis and I suggested the tiger could be called that instead. I’m not sure what it was about this odd looking toy, but since then Mammis has been one of your trusted friends.



                        326/365 Flying high 

We were finally on our way to Norway. Our first stop was in Dubai. We had a bite to eat and spent the rest of the time running around, burning energy in hopes of a quiet trip ahead. (Post on traveling with a toddler here.)

Day 317 to 321 – 365 Project


                               317/365 Babushka 

You go quiet. Quiet worries me, it often means trouble, but not this time. This time I find you in deep concentration trying to put the Babushkas back together again.



                                  318/365 Extreme sport

Climbing everything is the new big thing. It seems that every time I turn around I find you climbing something else. It’s your own personal extreme sport. It doesn’t matter how often you fall down or how much you hurt yourself, seconds later you’re back on the horse.



                                  319/365 The Observer

Busy trying to get things ready for a photo shoot, I stop in my tracks as I see you standing at the upstairs window. The taxi driving the people next door to and from work has arrived. You watch them intently as they make their way inside before you spring back to life.



                                  320/365 Slugs & Snails

Your cheeks are still rosy from the cold air outside. I’ve stripped you down to your Slugs and Snails tights for dinner. It’s just you and me at home. You tell me all about your day between bites of food even though I’ve spent the whole day with you.



                                   321/365 Family 

There are three kinds of family; the one you’re born into, the one you partner up with and the one you choose. Being Norwegian expats the two first are oceans away, but the third one is spread all over, with a large part living right here. Your family is as much Australian as it is Norwegian, and I’m so happy you get to grow up surrounded by so much love.