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Stitches – I love corduroy

Yes, I made more overalls.  I love overalls and I love corduroy. I have a feeling my little man can expect to wear a lot of overalls.

These fit great. I adjusted the length and added some ribbing. As with the last ones, they’re fully lined.

Can you tell what kind of rookie mistake I made?

Can you tell what kind of rookie mistake I made?

Yes.. I managed to cut the cord the wrong way. As in the stripes now across instead of down. Oh well... Barely noticeable, right?

Yes.. I managed to cut the cord the wrong way. As in the stripes go across instead of down. Oh well… Barely noticeable, right?

This time I figured I’d jazz up the outside a bit by using the lining fabric on the outside of the pockets.


Overalls are such good pants to wear for playing. Yep, it’s official, we love overalls.


I’ve always loved making things and this has definitely not changed since I had Anakin. A while ago now I figured I’d like to start sewing baby clothes, mostly for boys, to sell here and there, nothing big, just low-key, maybe at markets or something. I’d sew under the name Little Horrors. (Fitting when you consider the thing I have for skulls on Anakin’s clothes exemplified both on this romper and on this hat. And… its’ funny.)

Yep, it was a nice idea, but there’s simply no time until I finish my post grad. Time is not in abundance these days. So until then I’ve just kept it to sewing things for Anakin, which is by far the best thing anyway. And if nothing else it helps me figure out what to make at a later date if I decide to venture down that road and how to make it. I’m a fully self-taught learning by doing type of person, so I guess time to figure more things out is not a bad thing.

A couple of weeks ago I sewed this flannel romper for him.

stitches1It’s a harem style overall with cuffed pants and a lined bodice. Only problem is my kid’s tiny for his age so figuring out his size is easier said than done when it comes to patterns. I made this in a size 18 months expecting it to be a bit too big (he’s 16 months in a couple of days), but not to be as tall as he is. He’s got a lot of growing to do before he’ll fit into this one. Oh well, the day will come.


I’ve sewed some great bibs (I’ll show you those later) with this flannel and the only downside to it is that the black fades to grey really fast. I personally don’t really mind, but you know… it would be better if it didn’t.

The Mad Hatter

I find that a lot of baby stuff is just too cute for my liking. So, since I got pregnant with Anakin I have been making things for him, things that perhaps add a little edge to the cuteness of being a baby.

I love sewing although I’m far from any expert. It’s learning by doing for me. And being a bit impatient, sewing for my kid is perfect. Little things take less time to sew than big things. Win win!

A lot of the things I make end up having skulls on them, but who doesn’t like a bit of skull and crossbones, right? I know I do. Here’s my latest hat for the young jedi, a sun hat you can make look even cooler by folding the brim up on the back and sides. The lining is grey to match the grey skulls.

hat_webWhat do you think? I like it when the younglings get to escape all the fuzzy wuzzy and get a bit of edge to their style. Never too young to be fashionable!

Most things are better with ears

Small heads need protection from the elements and sometimes they just beg to be dressed up. Actually, make that most times.

1. Great hat from our local Curious Oyster Shoppe. Love that place!

2. Zebra hat that came with a newborn outfit from Big W.

3. Crochet mouse beanie I made him

4. Crochet cat beanie I made him

5. Yoda beanie, gift from a friend, bought through etsy.

6. Knitted beanie made by Anakin’s great grandmother

7. Cat hat from Mothercare

8. Sherpa bear hat from Pumpkin Patch.

9. Crochet bear beanie I made him

Because most things are better with ears!