Day 351 to 355 – 365 Project


                                 351/365 Home 

We didn’t do much those first few days back in Melbourne unless you count rolling around on the floor or in bed. We did a lot of that. We let jetlag run its course and did our best to adjust to everyday life again.



                                      352/365 Big boys

You just loved watching the big boys at the construction site next to our old house. They drove big trucks, played with big, noisy toys and sometimes lifted things high up into the air. That was by far your favourite bit. Our walks would usually come to a halt here and you would just stand there in awe watching.



                                353/365 Anakin’s house

You got your own little house, a small tent I picked up at the store. You were ecstatic! It was barely big enough to fit you and your pappa, but it didn’t matter. Your face was beaming and you kept laughing as you poked your head out the door to see if I was still there watching. We had already planned to get you a bigger one, but first we needed to find a bigger house for all of us.



                           354/365 Bubble Man

During every bath time for a while you would “wash” hair by taking the foam and rubbing it on your head. Most of it would get on your face and you’d soon look like a little yeti. (Thank goodness for no tear, soap free bath products.)



                                 355/365 Thoughtful 

What were you thinking as I stood over you with the camera? Your eyes have that special look, focused yet far away. I could look at you forever. You must be as close to an angel as they come.

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