Day 282 to 286 – 365 Project


                                282/365 No, thank you

It’s a rare thing that you say no, thanks to any sort of home cooked food. Perhaps we’ve been spoiled so far, most of the time you happily chow down the most surprising things. But this time it was a no, thank you to blueberry pancakes.



                           283/365 Urban wanderer 

We wander the neighbourhood. You inspect every nook and cranny, excitedly pointing out little treasures you discover. I wonder what attracts you to every hole or every bit of trash, and what turns it into such a treasure.



                            284/365 An elderly man

Quincey is becoming an elderly man. What in the beginning was mutual affection and excitement is becoming more and more one-sided as you struggle to learn how to control and restrain yourself.



                              285/365 Cold shoulder

You can’t understand why your dear Quincey would give you the cold shoulder. You look at me and ask me, in your own little way, to please fix it. But I can’t fix it, only you can.



                            286/365 A cup of joy

Sometimes the simplest things are the ones that give you the most joy. A takeaway coffee cup. You pretend to drink coffee like we do. You walk around, stop and take big pretend sips.


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