365 project #6


“Come here, Kitty! Let me show you this book. See the panda, Kitty? Look at it! Oh and there’s the butterfly. It’s pretty, don’t you think? Where did you go, Kitty? Kitty?!?”


To make up for dressing Anakin as a girl I dressed him in his Superman outfit, cape and all. Gotta love a cape. Pretty manly, right? (What is it with superheroes and wearing  underwear on the outside?)


Contemplating life, the universe and everything…. or perhaps just the feeling of grass on his fingers.

(Note: to my great annoyance I discovered by chance today that the camera is set on Norwegian date and time which makes all the data on the images one day behind. *grump* But.. I guess it’s better to find out now than later, at least it was easier to rename 19 final images than a hundred or more. As long as I remember to reset the time and date on the camera later…)

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