So… You named your kid after a Sith lord.

It usually goes something like this:

“Oh what a cute baby. What’s his name?”


Now one of the following will generally happen:

– The -I love Star Wars and that’s bloody brilliant look- followed by “That’s awesome!! That’s such a great name!”

Or… “Skywalker?”


Or…  “Is that a traditional Norwegian name?”

“Oh, you’d like to think so, but no. It’s from Star Wars…. (silence)… You know, Darth Vader?” This is usually either met with rolling eyes, a smirk and/or…

“That’s a very nice name. You like Star Wars, do you?”

Well, duh…

Identity crisis?

Alright, so we named our kid after a character in Star Wars. And yes, he becomes Darth Vader. And yes, he is a Sith lord. But he was, before that, also an excellent jedi, and regardless of anything it is a fantastic name, and the old school Star Wars is beyond brilliant and the new ones are still good. (The atrocity of Jar Jar Binks aside.)

I did do a bit of research before we chose the name, and there are a few, but not an overwhelming number of people named Anakin around. And in a survey I found most of them seemed pretty happy with their name. Of course they are! Being a jedi rules! I can’t wait for Anakin’s first proper costume party. Imagine a little toddler stumbling around in his Darth Vader getup. Adorable? I do think so!

He already has a bunch of Star Wars paraphernalia, the lucky boy, and even though he’s named after a Sith lord doesn’t mean he’ll turn into one.

I, for one, am obviously having heaps of fun with it already, and I will always stand by my opinion that regardless of what anyone may feel about Star Wars*, Anakin is a beautiful name for a beautiful boy. He couldn’t be anyone other than Anakin.

You’re perfect, baby!!

(* I don’t understand how anyone can not like Star Wars!)

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