365 project

I’ve decided that I’m gonna (attempt) to do a 365 project. There, now that I’ve said it I’ve added some pressure to actually follow through.

Multi tasking

The idea is to take a photo of Anakin every day. We always take a lot of photos, but now I have to do it every day. (I don’t just take one though, I take a few and then I choose one.) I started a while ago, around the 3rd to be exact, but I’m really behind in the editing. Who has time to sit down and edit images with a baby to care for? As long as I keep taking them every day, right? So needless to say I’ll be behind in posting them as well, but they will hopefully all appear sooner or later. But here’s the kick off:

                                          Anakin – 365 Project


Anakin got a new critter from a Thornbury market made from old socks. He loves it and it gave me a few ideas of toys I could make him myself.


Sampling some shoes he got as a present from Thailand. He was so impressed by their taste he fell over.


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