365 Project #4


Anakin’s tired, sad face. We had a rough day that day. Nap time turned into a scream fest. He was inconsolable. Nothing I did made it any better until we had a short play and I got him in his pram and went for a walk. After 2 minutes he was out and slept like a log for 1,5 hours.


Prince Charming. Anakin has had a camera in his face since he was about 3 minutes old. He knows how to work it.


Anakin aka Ariel. The night before this Anakin kept me up pretty much all night. I had 3.5 hours of broken sleep. I needed to have some fun to get through the day and figured it was about time we played a bit more dress up. Anakin loves my long hair and was very excited by the wig. So many good shots came out of this, but I’ve chosen this one because it reminds me of one of Edward Mucha’s girls. I’ll probably post some of the other ones later. He’s just too delicious… even as a girl.


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