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3/52 – Summer delight

A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, for the fourth year of his life. 


Anakin: Such incredible joy from such a simple thing as running naked through the sprinklers on a hot afternoon. You were a bit hesitant at first before throwing yourself head first into the cooling fun. Your grandma and grandpa sat on the porch mesmerised by your delight and laughter. None of us needed anything more than the simple pleasure of watching you. 

Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows

This past week we really said Hello to summer. Warm, sunny days, and the first of many too-hot-for-comfort nights.


It’s definitely a sign that we bought our new baby monitor in Norway when it’s equipped with an alarm that goes off when the room is about to hit 27 degrees. And it doesn’t stop until it drops to at least 26. That’s gonna be a lot of fun come mid-summer. This week it was enough to open a window and it eventually got down to 24 degrees in there, but it was still too hot under the winter quilt and none of us really got any sleep. That’s one downside to the new (old) house, no air con in the bedroom.

There’s heaps of life buzzing around now that we actually live where there is trees and grass. That keeps the small and smaller happy and busy, and makes mamma easy mossie prey. I can’t help it, they think I’m delicious.

Bonding over bugs. This time it was a moth

Bonding over bugs. This time it was a moth

Hedda waits patiently for her turn.

Hedda waits patiently for her turn.

It makes a world of difference to stress levels that we can just step outside our door and feel grass under our feet. Despite feeling more tired than usual lately I’m better equipped for it when I have nature close by. Life doesn’t seem to get less busy or stressful, we just get better at dealing with it. And we’ve all been so much happier since we moved. I never thought it would make this much of a difference.

Hats and sunnies, what can I say, he loves them

Hats and sunnies, what can I say, he loves them

And there isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not fully aware of how incredibly lucky I am to get to spend my days with my son. It means more intense, short work spells, but I wouldn’t want it any other way, not now. When he is little I want to be there as much as I can. I don’t mind childcare, at least not all of them, but as long as we can manage it I want to keep him with me for most of the time until he is three when he is more able to communicate and express his needs, and able to wait to have them met by others. I will have to find work once I finish my degree, but I hope to be able to work part-time or at least be able to work from home for some of the time so that I can be with Anakin the days he is not in childcare. (So if you need any freelance photography, I’m your lady.) I must admit to being a bit weary. I haven’t been blown away by the reviews from a lot of childcare centres around. But for now, he stays with me.

_DSC0934_web In the Sunday heat we played in the water (we’re still awaiting potential access to the pool), made kiwi strawberry icy poles (puree fruit, freeze, eat, yum) and said happy birthday to grandma M. She’ll be visiting us in April and we’re very excited!

But first we get to go on a family holiday soon just before a special someone has a birthday.

Good times ahead! Makes me want to sing a bit of Lesley Gore (and ignore the fact that the heater is on and it is pouring rain outside)!


Ode to the last breath of summer

Oh summer, we’d just gotten used to not having you around when you all of a sudden decided to come back for a couple of days.


How wonderful it was to feel your warm rays again. How quickly we forgot about the sunscreen.

_DSC6180_web _DSC6189_webGone were the wool and the beanies, gone were our shoes and our pants, even if it was just for a few brief moments.


Summer, we apologise for every complaint we made about the heat over the past few months.


We already miss jumping in the pool, splashing about embraced by your soft evening breeze.

We miss eating ice creams and rolling in the grass.

We miss skipping around in the park in a warm afternoon daze.

_DSC6123_webOh Summer… sweet, sweet summer

_DSC6133_web Thank you for stopping by to remind us just how wonderful you are and that we are indeed in the right place.

Goodbye, Summer!


Goodbye, Summer!





We have loved you!



I love summer, I really do. I’m far more a summery person. Swimming, ice cream, BBQ’s, yes, please! Winter, not so much. But when it creeps over 30 for several days I’m just not that happy. Today is supposed to hit over 35 degrees. When the iphone says 35 it means it will hit at least 37. What utter BS.

After a few days of hot weather our house has already soaked up the heat and it takes no time at all before it gets stuffy and sweaty. There hasn’t been a proper cool change for days, not one that has had any effect at least.


One of my favourite things in the whole, wide world: Nude baby

So last night, not surprisingly, Anakin just had enough. He kept waking up all night, sticky and uncomfortable. And who can blame him?

I forgot how much it messes with my brain when I don’t get much sleep. I’m a zombie. Dizzy, out of balance and generally not ready for today at all. It’s so much harder to be a cool, chilled out mummy when it’s just too hot to think straight.

Hello 35+ degree day! I have very low expectations of you!

Here comes the sun… and a mummy meltdown

This week saw the first really hot days of summer here in Melbourne. It’s not too bad if you’re outside in the shade or somewhere that stays cool indoors, but second floor bedrooms quickly become boiler rooms on 30 degree days.

Post nap cuddle (Iphone photo by Steinar)

For some reason there isn’t an air conditioner in Anakin’s bedroom. Our bedroom has one and the office has one, his being the only upstairs room without ac. Usually this isn’t a problem because his room is on the shady side of the house, but then again he hasn’t been sleeping in his own room during summer before. When he was born and we had ridiculous temperatures he was still sleeping with us.

Needless to say this has created a couple of impossible afternoon nap scenarios. Even with a fan blasting away in there all day, it was still stinking hot. Anakin sleeps in a Peke Moe (a sleep sack that covers his hands). It’s the only way we got him out of the swaddle a couple of months back. But even in just a nappy and his Peke Moe, he was rather hot and bothered, and frankly, who can blame him.

Peke Moe baby (iPhone photo)

So… today I had a minor mummy meltdown after the nap battle had raged for 1,5 hours and I had used up everything in my get-Anakin-to-sleep arsenal. It wasn’t fun and it made me feel pretty shit. The worst thing about it was that once I screwed my head back on, put Anakin in his pram, took a walk and finally got him to sleep, I crashed emotionally. Having a minor meltdown is bad enough, but then crashing afterwards because you had one is just another punch in the gut. And you’re the one punching yourself. So I spent a good hour dragging my feet, kicking myself, feeling like the worst mummy in the whole world, waiting for him to wake up so I could make up for it. Nothing bad happened during my meltdown, but my frustration got the better of me and I made him cry. It didn’t help that I didn’t get much sleep last night and hadn’t had a break all day either, but that shouldn’t excuse anything.

When Anakin woke up though he couldn’t have cared less what happened before he went to sleep. He was all smiles and kisses as per usual. He loves me all the same, meltdown or not. Thank goodness for the loving hearts of babies. As for me, I made sure to shower him a bit extra in kisses before bedtime, and, as always, tell him how much I love him before he went to sleep. I can’t say it will never happen again, but I sure hope it doesn’t for a very long time. I may have to face the fact that I am merely human despite my every effort to be as perfect a mummy as I possibly can be.

He still loves me (Instagram photo)