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Ruling at it.

So it’s the last night of my week-long single parenting adventure. Anakin is bathed, fed and sleeping. I’ve taken out the trash, put away the dishes, tidied up all the toys and put away all the books. Now all I need is for my thai take away to arrive and to dive into my Water wheel Shiraz.

Despite us both being sick for most of the time, it’s been a great week. I’ve cooked some new and amazing food for us and we’ve really enjoyed each others company. Not that we don’t normally. Ok, so I haven’t managed to do much work or even touch the sewing machine, but the house has generally been tidier than usual. Not sure why that is to be honest. And I’ve loved waking up with him curled up next to my head. Kind of like this.


(instagram photo)

It’s been a bad week for the 365 project though. Oh I’ve taken the shots, but Steinar took the good camera with him to LA so I’ve been stuck with the Nikon D90 and an off camera flash that died. After you go full frame it’s hard to go back.

So my favourite shot so far from the last couple of days was shot with my iphone and run through the filter mill in instagram. At least until I have time to go through everything else. Low fi, but what the hell, right?


(instagram photo)

Honestly, this single parenting thing? I’m ruling at it. Am I looking forward to seeing my fiancé tomorrow? Absolutely.




Hats off

I take my hat off to single parents. Especially when they’re unwell. So in one way I guess you could say that right now I am taking my hat off to myself.

As day 3 comes to an end my head is stuffed, my body aches and all I really want is to stay in bed all day. But no. Today I have taken Anakin out to lunch to temporarily ease our cabin fever, cooked us a big vegan mexican meal, done laundry, dishes, vacuumed and given my little man a haircut. You gotta do what you gotta do, right? The only thing I have not done is any work. When Anakin sleeps, I sleep too, or at least rest. Work will simply have to wait until my face isn’t full of all things gross.

Anakin at least seems to be feeling somewhat better than I am. He’s still not top-notch and requires more tender love and care than usual, but who doesn’t when they’re not well. And we did end up with another night of co-sleeping midway through last night, a bit more successful this time.


This is what happens when you don’t sit still while your mother trims your fringe… (Iphone photo)

Tomorrow, sick or not, we’re going to the zoo! I can’t wait to see the look on Anakin’s face when he sees the animals. I’m excited!


One of those

At midday of day two of single parenting I can hardly feel where I end and where I begin. I can definitely feel my throat which feels as if it is full of barbed wire. What better timing to get sick than when you’re doing it solo for a week.

We had one of those nights.


my emergency co-sleeping arrangement. Mattress pulled onto floor, cracks stuffed with pillows.

A sick, crying baby with a snotty nose, sore throat and a mild temperature. A night that went from hot to cold, from needing the air con on to needing a blanket. I tried the co-sleeping thing. With very little success. I wish we were co-sleepers. But the most important thing for us both was to be close. Anakin needed his mamma and I needed to make sure he was alright. None of us slept much. I don’t think anyone has ever held me that tight through a night.

Today is no better, but one can always hold out for a better night tonight.

I miss my other half already.

Exhale and take a Big Breath

Yesterday was the day. The first day in a long time we were not expecting or currently having any visitors.

Since the second week of December we have had visitors for a total of 9 weeks. (I know, crazy, right?) It has been (mostly) a great pleasure to see friends and relatives, but it was a very tired family who hit the sofa when the last person left and Sunday night rolled around.  I must admit it was a relief to wake up to an empty house knowing that it will stay that way for a long time. I think we all exhaled and lowered our shoulders a bit.

It doesn’t matter how much you love someone or look forward to having them stay, having visitors, and a lot of them, takes its toll, especially when there’s a little person involved. So for the rest of the year and until I finish my post grad our doors will be closed for any overseas, interstate or just overnight company. We obviously still welcome drop-ins for dinner or a cuppa or two.

But just as we all exhale and get back to being just us, it is time for me to take a big breath and get ready to single parent for a week while my partner flies to LA tomorrow for LAwebfest where he features with his award-winning documentary webseries, The Inland Sea, as well as sitting on some panel discussions as an academic and act as ambassador for the new Melbourne webfest.

My boys

My boys… I’ll miss seeing this the next week

True to his fine sense of humour Anakin has started waking up pretty much all night, just to ice mamma’s cake a bit before pappa leaves. I’m in for a ride, but I am kind of looking forward to it. Quiet nights are just what I need to get through a pile of work on new images, and maybe hopefully have time to sew one or two of the many things I have on my list of things to do. If the jedi will it, of course.


The trio will be a duo for the next week

The trio will be a duo for the next week

What I’ll miss the most is no doubt adult, intelligent conversation and soft lips. What I won’t miss at all is the oddly timed snoring that always occurs as I finally get back to bed after spending the last x amount of time on Anakin’s floor trying to get him back to sleep.

Giddy up, right? Wish me luck!

And thanks for all the visits!