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The Proposal, Day 150 – 365 Project

Day 150 was the Big Proposal. What a day! If you haven’t seen the video of how that all went down you can see it here. I’m a lucky lady to have two beautiful boys and such amazing friends that helped my man pull off his excellent proposal.

The official day 150 photo is this, but I thought I’d share some more with you below.

Day 150/365

                                150/365 I DO! 

Mamma and pappa are finally engaged after 8 years!! Whoho!


New Year surprise!

If you pull off a good surprise on me I am the type that become utterly speechless. Needless to say yesterday’s surprise did just that and ranks as the best one ever.


Happy New Year to you all! May 2013 be as full of love for you as yesterday and the 8 previous years has been for me.

xx Dida