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Day 292 to 296 – 365 Project


                                292/365 Funny boy

You’re a funny little jedi. You never stop seeking some reciprocation in your play with Quincey, always seeking him out, hoping that today might be the day he plays along.



                             293/365 Miniature forest

We went for a long stroll through the park in the winter sun. The very best bit is the small gathering of trees right at the edge. It’s almost like a miniature forest, just your size.



                                294/365 Friends

A surprise Sunday visit from some friends. We had a play outside, went for a long walk and finished off with a lunch.



                             295/365 Mamma loves Anakin

I draw an M for Mamma, a heart and an A for Anakin while I say “Mamma elsker Anakin!”. You listen and watch. You start drawing and I can hear you doing your best to repeat my words, but they’re hard to say. “Mamma… elske… mamma…” My heart melts.



                                     296/365 Street art 

We walk the neighbourhood drawing cats and hearts in different coloured chalk. The afternoon light is warm and spectacular.