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1/52 – Birthday letter

Dearest, darling Anakin,

It’s a beginning of a new year for you and it seems only fitting to begin another photography project, and also to write your birthday letter.


1/52 -The King of 2

I can hardly believe you’re 2 years old already. It seems like only yesterday you were a tiny ball sleeping on my tummy. You are such an extraordinary person! You continue to astonish me and I keep falling head over heels in love with you, a little more every day.

At 2 you can already count to 10 in English and Norwegian, but you seem to prefer English for some reason. Your vocabulary is huge with hundreds of words in both languages. You sing everything from Daft Punk and Alt-J to The wheels on the bus. Your singing and your laughter are my favourite sounds in the whole, wide world. You’re so full of love and affection for everyone around you, never hesitating to share your favourite toys or your treats. Your generosity and warmth far exceeds your years. It is no wonder you attract everyone with your magnetism.

I am ever so humble to still be able to spend my days with you, teaching you new things and showing you the world we live in. How fortunate we are to be able to have so much time together. I adore snuggling up next to you before I fall asleep and I love waking up to your little face pressed up against mine.

Life with you everything we could have dreamed of. You are nothing short of amazing and I continue to explode with love for you, from you and with you. I realise that you are no longer my little baby, but a young boy, a boy with a bike, a boy who loves sticks and crayons, who can climb, run and jump. You’re strong-willed, stubborn and smart. You prefer to choose what you wear and how you wear it.┬áDespite feeling a bit sad that this part of our journey has come to an end so soon, I am excited and thrilled to explore everything that comes next. It is my pleasure to watch you grow and my privilege to be your mamma.

Whatever you choose to do in life or whoever you discover yourself to be, I will always love you for just the amazing individual you are.

Unconditionally and forever yours,

xx Mamma


(Apologies for the re-run of the photo, but it couldn’t be helped, it was just the best one from this week!)