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Day 237 to 241 – 365 Project


                                 237/365 Aunty Megan

Aunty Megan came for a surprise visit the day after pappa left for LA. You and I are were both sick and very tired after our first night of co-sleeping.



                                    238/365 Bear

My bear, I don’t like it when you don’t feel well. It makes me feel so helpless.



                                 239/365 Zoo

After spending a couple of days at home it was time to get out and have a nice day despite colds and sniffles. It was time to go to the zoo! You pointed excitedly at creatures you’d only seen in books. Your happiness dulled how sad I felt watching all those majestic animals behind bars.



                                      240/365 Bad haircut

You really shouldn’t throw your head around so much when I cut your fringe, and I should really hold on a bit tighter when I do. (You do make a very cute looking dork though.)



                              241/365 In style 

Checking out the neighbourhood, always in such style.



Day 232 to 236 – 365 Project


                                         232/365 Wrong direction

We go for an afternoon walk just before dinner. You’re so determined to walk up to the main road and fall in a heap of tears every time I turn you around.



                                  233/365 Conception

We go to say goodbye to our friend Japes at our old house. She’s flying back to Europe to be with her partner. You run around playing in the backyard, completely unaware that your pappa and I lived in this house for 5 years before you were born and this was where you were conceived.



                                       234/365 Thinker

Your face in deep thought in the cheese aisle. I wonder what you think about when you drift off and your eyes go far away.



                                         235/365 Pause

A pause in between games. Time for a quick cuddle. I sit down in the chair, you walk around and put your head in my lap. I love you so much I could burst.



                                      236/365 Just you and me

Pappa flew to LA early that morning. It was just you and me for the next week. You, too little to understand he was gone, me, a little apprehensive about flying solo, but always happy to get to spend my time with you.

Day 227 to 231 – 365 Project

So far behind, so far behind… Just in editing and posting, of course, but still… oh so far behind! Back to March we go!


                                227/365 Universe

You, the centre of my universe. Me, so lucky to get to spend my days with you.



                                        228/365 Shop

In the middle of the shop, on your bike, you still manage to be the centre of attention.



                                      229/365 Games we play

We go for a quick play at park before it gets too hot. We play your favourite game, throwing wood chips into the tunnel before moving onto your second favourite, running away.



                                230/365 Cuddles

The very best part of any day is when you have time to give cuddles.  I melt away in your arms every time you give me one of your squeeze-as-hard-as-you-can hugs or when you come running just to give me a kiss.



                                   231/365 Iphone

Whenever you can get your hands on an iPhone everything else vanishes. Toys, playmates, even the photo bombing clown, none of it matters as long as you can play with the phone (which you are not really allowed to). Take it away and all hell breaks loose.


Day 222 to 226 – 365 Project


                                222/365 The Artist

One of the things I look forward to the most is the continued sharing of my love of art with you. Making, seeing, thinking, talking. I know it’s very early days and we’ve only just begun to explore crayons, but I dearly hope you’ll come to share my passion for art and creativity.



                                      223/365 Toes 

I look at your feet and think “how small, how innocent” and then remember that not long ago they were even smaller. Like the rest of you, they’re so soft, still so new to the world and everything that makes our skin grow thicker and harder.



                                   224/365 An end and a beginning

It was officially over. You were no longer a roller or a crawler. No longer a tiny baby, no longer sheltered by you inability to move. You finally entered the world of walking. I proudly watched you as you stepped outside and walked down the street.



                                     225/365 Reader

You are still such a reader, a true lover of books. I remember this book well. It was a gift from the council nurse on the last home visit after you were born. I remember holding you the whole time she was here, you asleep in my arms, brand new and so peaceful.



                                 226/365 New room

We finally moved you into a new room to give you shelter from the heat, just as summer was ending. You were so excited. A bigger space, one that was just yours to explore and play in. Seeing you so happy was everything we hoped for and more.

Day 217 to 221 – 365 Project


                               217/365 Toes 

Standing on your toes, reaching for new things. I know it’s such a cliché, but you’re growing up so fast. It seems not long ago we could put something on the table and it would be safe from your curious hands. Those days are over. It seems strange that I should already dread the day you walk out our door to start your own life somewhere, but I know it will be here in the blink of an eye.



                             218/365 Gravity

Experiments with gravity. Newton would be proud.



                                     219/365 Mimic 

You love to mimic how we drink from water bottles. Water bottles are a big hit, they’re fun and sometimes water comes out (if mamma removes the cap). I quickly learned not to give you ones you could open yourself unless we were outside in the sun.



                                    220/365 My baby

I’ll always remember these days as the last days you were still technically a baby. You had only just started walking a few steps at a time. Wobbly, unstable and still so dependent. I’ll still call you baby, baby, because to me you always will be.



                                   221/365 Soft

There is nothing that warms me more than your little arms around me, squeezing hard, holding on for dear life. I know you can’t possibly fathom how much I love you, but I hope that one day you will.

Day 212 to 216 – 365 Project


                                  212/365 Goodbye beach 

Before we left Portarlington we headed down to the beach for some play time. Your aunty Tone, who had been visiting, was soaking up the sun before going back to Norway a couple of days later. You look so small and lost crawling around while your pappa went to get your beach toys.



                                      213/365 Lemon face

I had so many lemons left after the photo shoot I did in Portarlington. You seemed quite curious about them, so I cut one up and gave it to you. Despite pulling a lot of sour faces, you kept on going back for more.


                                      214/365 Innocence

There’s something special about watching you crawl around half-naked. My heart melts just that little bit more. You’re so innocent, so blissfully oblivious to all the darkness in the world., and when I watch you, for a few moments, so am I.



                                        215/365 Brave 

It was time for your vaccinations again. This time you had three in one go, two in one arm and one in the other. You figured out what was going on after the first one and no amount of soap bubbles could distract you, but you were so brave. Once they were done, you gave the nurse a dirty look and clung to me. I’m sorry for the pain, my love.



                                       216/365 Wet 

Water is one of those things that never gets old or boring. It doesn’t matter if you did the same thing the day before, it’s equally interesting as long as it’s wet.

Day 207 to 211 – 365 Project

Oh yes, it’s here again! This one finishes up February and takes us just into March. Still almost two months behind in the processing and posting, but still going.


                                    207/365 Play 

You’ve always been good at playing by yourself, but the older you get the more actual play it becomes. Sometimes I just sit down and observe you, there if you want or need me, but just enjoying watching you in a world of your own until you do.



                                     208/365 Smile

Your smile can fade any rainy day in a second. Like every other parent thinks about their child, there is no one more beautiful than you.



                                    209/365 Dragons 

I bought you a dragon mobile one day. We hung the three dragons from the lamp in your old room. They immediately became your favourite things. We’d sit on the floor and blow at them to make them move.



                                      210/365 Onions 

You go quiet and I hear that familiar sound. I recognise it now, it’s the cracking of onion peels. You’re rummaging the basket where we keep the onions, picking up the peels, crunching them in your hands.



                                   211/365 Ocean 

Anakin meet ocean, ocean meet Anakin. We took a trip to portarlington in early March for a weekend. I had some photo shoots lined up and we thought it was about time we introduced you to the ocean. You were amazed and so excited. When we pulled you out of the water that first day, you were full of sand, slightly blue and ecstatic. This is what summers are all about.

Day 202 to 206 – 365 Project


                              202/365 Rainy day

It was raining heavily outside. You looked out the window for a while in your old room before curling up on the sofa to read one of your favourite books, Kiss Kiss. Sometimes you’d point to the baby hippo in the book and ask me to tell you its name. When I’d say the Norwegian name for hippo, flodhest, you’d make a horse sound because it has the word for horse (hest) in its name.



                                   203/365 Experiments with sand 

I could watch you for hours while you explore and experiment with new things, be it sand, dirt or whatever else it is that takes your interest. Through you life has somehow begun all over again. I see things through different eyes now, sometimes  through the worried eyes of a mother, sometimes with the new excitement of a child.



                                204/365 Heavy love

Your clumsy attempts at affection makes my mummy heart ache with love. On some levels I think old Fanta Pants knows you’re only trying to show your love despite how uncomfortable it may be for him. Good thing he’s a big cat.



                                    205/365 Summer swims (iphone photo) 

During the scorching hot February days you and  I would wait for pappa to come home so we could all escape to the pool. Your face would light up when you realised where we were going and as soon as we hit the water you’d be happy as only a little fish could be.



                                     206/365 Love, unconditional 

My loves, unconditionally and forever.

Day 193 to 196 – 376 Project


                               193/365 Peekaboo 

You hanging off one of my legs is a common sight. Your curious eyes searching for something new and exciting. What are we doing today? Where’s the next adventure?



                                  194/365  The Laundromat

This is hands down one of my favourite shots from this series so far. I took you to the laundromat for a change of scenery. We don’t use it, but I’ve always loved laundromats.  Their old, retro interiors, whispers of an era almost gone. You sat there quiet watching traffic for just the right amount of time for me to shoot a few frames.



                                    195/365 Cub

I used to watch nature programs and think about how much fun it looked like the mums and cubs were having. The cubs crawling around on their mum, playing, biting, rolling over, just practicing for life in the very best way. Now that I have you it doesn’t seem like we’re so much different from those animals.



                                    196/365 You’re home! 

I can’t imagine a better welcome committee than you, and the look on your pappa’s face whenever you greet him tells me that this couldn’t be more true.


I managed to skip a day in my last post so I had to go back and add a shot to that. I blame the scatter brain. And so… this brings us to mid February. Still oh so far behind, but we keep trucking!


Day 187 to 192 – 365 Project


                                    187/365 Perfection 

They seem distant already those hot summer days we spent outside splashing in the pool. You naked and so happy. There is nothing more perfect to me than your naked body.



                               188/365 Love that face 

Sometimes the best photos aren’t the ones that are the sharpest or even in focus. Of all the photos from that day, this one captures exactly how happy and cheeky you were sharing an ice cream with your pappa. The other ones may be technically better, but much like parenting, technicalities aren’t always what’s most important. Gosh, I love that face.



                                        189/365 Dirt

It would seem that all kids love to eat dirt. It must be an acquired taste because personally I’d rather pass. It’s probably a case of been there, done that. But I do enjoy your dirty face.



                                          190/365 My way

Is it terrible of me to occasionally think you’re incredibly cute when you have a tantrum?



                                   191/365 Cooking

Helping me cook up some black bean and vegetable lasagne.



                                    192/365 Bad day

This was that day. It was a hard day to get through and I had a cry after it all peaked with the phone call that told me they stuffed up my pay and we had no rent money. You looked at me and gave me a big smile and a cuddle. You always know how to make me feel better.

Day 182 to 186 – 365 Project


                                     182/365 Kitchen core

Sometimes I look at you and think “this is it, this is just what being a kid should be all about”. We went to visit some friends and they put their entire kitchen and all its utensils to your disposal. You and your friend O had a bit of a jam. You were cuter than two buttons.



                               183/365 Awkward family photos

I’ve been thinking about what to do after I finish this 365 project and the idea of awkward family photos has come to mind more than once. I reckon we could have heaps of fun with that, don’t you?



                                  184/365 Gardener 

Before we got you your sandpit you’d spend most of your time digging in the lime tree pot. You’d take a short break to say hi to anyone passing or to look at a train go by before going back to being amazed by the fact that you got dirty hands from digging. 



                                      185/365 On the run

In your pre-walking days you’d run around with your walker. It took you a couple of hours to figure out how to use it properly and then you were off. Finally there was something even faster than crawling.



                                      186/365 Tantrum 

You’ve been throwing some good tantrums of late. They don’t last very long, but while they do it would seem as if your world was ending. I get that it’s not always easy to express what you want or to not get your way. But this, my love, is a dance we’ll do for many years to come.


This post marks the half way of the project. Hooray! I’m pretty proud of myself for sticking with it despite it not always being that easy to keep up or to get satisfying images. I hope you’ll stick it out with us!




Day 177 to 181 – 365 Project


                                     177/365 Stare bear

Your upper lip covers your lower lip when you feel insecure or tired. You’ve got that distant look on your face telling me it’s late in the day, you’re hungry and soon ready for bed.



                                     178/365 Playground

Pretty soon winter will be here and these hot summer days at the playground will be nothing but memories from a time before you could walk around on your own. In no time you’ll be getting up the slide on your own and making my heart jump by climbing everything you see.



                                    179/365 This little piggy

This is one of my favourite photographs of us. I love dressing up and I love that it doesn’t freak you out at all. Your curiosity is boundless. We’re gonna have so much fun with costumes and cameras!




                                   180/365 Sweeper

You’ve started mimicking the things I do around the house. You sweep, you mop the floors and you cook food (lego) with your spatula. I’m amazed at how incredibly quickly you’re growing up.



                                     181/365 Sweet ride

We take a stroll with your trike around the neighbour hood. You get a real kick out of riding it. As we watch the trains go by it starts raining. We put the rain cover on the trike and you look like a little bubble boy. It won’t be long now before your feet can reach the pedals.


And that brings us to the end of January!




Day 173 to 176 – 365 Project


                                        173/365 Quiet

Quiet, just taking everything in. I wish I knew what you were thinking about.



                                       174/365 Splash

Summertime is for sun, fun and water. It doesn’t take much to have a great time!



                                          175/365 Mobile

I gave you my old mobile to play with so you’d have a phone too. For days you’d crawl around with it, throw it on the floor, pick it back up and throw it again. I’m not sure what you were trying to achieve, but I’m sure from watching you it had some sort of purpose.



                                    176/365 Australia Day 

For Australia day this year we went to the park to have a BBQ lunch with some friends. You were ecstatic because there were three dogs there. Even after one of the dogs scratched your face you were still happy as anything to play with them after getting a quick cuddle to make sure everything was still safe. Only when it was time to eat did we manage to get you to sit down and relax for a bit.

Day 168 to 172 – 365 Project


                                  168/365 The sound of trains

You point excitedly as you hear a train pass down the street. For a few seconds the dirt you were digging in is forgotten.



                                 169/365 Ghillie suit

I bought a ghillie suit as a costume for a few shoots I’m doing based on Norwegian fairytales. I put it on afraid it might scare you, but no such things occurred. Somehow you figured it out and thought it was hysterical. In this house we love the weird and wonderful.



                                  170/365 Bottles and babysitters

This was the first day we got to go on a lunch date, or any sort of date for that matter, while leaving you with babysitters. You’d never been babysat before. Getting to hang out with two of your favourite people was a treat. When we came back you were too busy still putting your charms on them and playing with a water bottle to give us more than a wink.



                                 171/365 Innocent when you sleep

Is there anything more peaceful than watching your baby sleep?



                                     172/365 Breastfeeding

I took this photo in response to all the negative reactions mothers were getting to breastfeeding in public. Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing and should carry no connotations of shame, no matter where it’s done. I love that I can breastfeed you and I am thankful that we still get to share the closeness that comes with it.

Day 163 to 167 – 365 Project


                                163/365 Spatula

For a long time the spatula was one of your favourite toys. Usually used to stir legos with, making them fly all over the place. Sometimes the best toys are the ones you find around the house.



                                     164/365 Hvor stor er du? 

Every time we ask you have big you are, you’ll raise one hand to show us. You’re probably getting tired of us asking, but you’re too cute doing it to stop just yet.



                                           165/365 The curl

I was trying to take a photo of the big curl behind your ear, but you kept giving me these huge smiles that made me focus on your face rather than your hair.



                                   166/365 You & Me

You & me, at home doing our thing while we wait for pappa to return from work. Life couldn’t be better.



                                     167/365 Walking

This was the first day you showed any interest in walking with some help. You’d cruise furniture, but that day you found out that having two helping hands made it all so much easier. (Your pants are wet from water, not pee, just in case you were wondering.)


I’m still playing catch up, in a massive way, on the editing of this project, hence the longer posts with more photos. These ones bring us up to mid-january. Bare with me! Up, up and way, right?


Day 159 to 162 – 365 Project


                                   159/365 Helping hand

After watching me mop the floors you quickly work out how it’s done and get to it, occasionally stopping to taste the handle. I adore your ‘focused face’. In almost every shot I took of you while you were mopping you have the same expression. It’s hard work mopping.



                                          160/365 Rock Star

I guess it doesn’t count much if I say you’re a spiffy dresser since I’m the one who dresses you, but hey, you sure are.



                             161/365 Chocolate ice cream face

Cutest mess I’ve ever seen, your very first taste of chocolate ice cream. So happy until it was all gone.



                                  162/365 Joy crew

One of the last day’s of uncle Eirik’s visit we all head out to the park to get some fresh air. You and your little joy crew, all doing their very best to make your day as good as it can be with swings, bubbles and slides.

Day 155 to 158 – 365 Project


                                  155/365 BBQ Lunch 

Lunchtime with a whole heap of uncles. Lawrie cooked up a smashing BBQ for the Norse delegation. You were head of the table and star of the show, as per usual.



                                        156/365 Feed Me 

You love your food! You are a pleasure to cook for, and you eat pretty much everything, particularly vegetables. Keep it up and you’ll grow up to a strong, healthy young man. (But please stay a baby for a lot longer!!)



                                    157/365 Hot summer days

We find shelter in the shade on a hot summer day. You uncle Eirik isn’t much of a water person so we hang out in a park instead of the pool. Seriously, who isn’t a water person when it tips well over 30 degrees? Madness, I say! (This image was shot with a compact happy snap.)



                              158/365 My, what big teeth you have! 

I’ve borrowed a couple of fox heads for a shoot. You love them and give them a thorough investigation.




Day 151 to 154 – 365 Project


                               151/365 Detective 

It’s important to inspect things, especially the shopping bag. Having a taste or taking a bite out of whatever treasures it holds, edible or not, to figure what everything is and what category things fall under.



                                        152/365 Dinner

A quiet banana dessert after dinner.



                                        153/365 At a safe distance 

One of Hedda’s favourite games is playing with her rubber balls in the stairs. You haven’t quite figured out how to throw yet, but you give it your best shot. Hedda waits at a safe distance, comforted by the gate that separates you.



                                 154/365 Cooking with legos 

For a while this was one of your favourite activities. We’d gather some legos in the colander and you’d stir until they scattered all over the floor. Sometimes the best toys are the simple ones you find around the house.

BamFest 2012 – Costume wedding – Day 148 – 149, 365 Project

I figured I’d make a separate post for this in the 365 project.

On December 29th, 2012, two of our wonderful friends, Ben and Tam, got married. It was a sensational wedding! If you remember me talking about having to make costumes for a wedding, this was it! (I’ll make a separate post about our costumes soon.) The theme was Anamythical, we went as a family of owls. We had a fantastic day (and a horrible night thanks to little mister I-didn’t-sleep-much-at-that-time). I would have to say it was by far the best and most beautiful wedding I have ever been to. Very fitting for such amazing people. Little did I know that in two small days I’d be engaged to be married myself. More on that later.

Anyways, here is a small selection of images from the day and the morning after. Click on any image for a larger (and better) view.

*Because it’s only supposed to be one image per day, I have nominated two images as the official day 148 and 149 shots with texts inside the album

Day 144 to 147 – 365 Project


                            144/365 Will 

Christmas day we go to hang out in the park with Will and his friends from Singapore. One of them had a strange pair of christmas tree glasses Will puts on for your amusement. You spent most of your time climbing all over him like a monkey, trying to put your finger in his bottle or play with his phone. Good thing he’s decided that he likes you. But seriously, how could he not?


                                  145/365 Those eyes

I guess it’s a parents privilege to never get sick of looking at your own child. I could stare at you for hours. Some times, when you go to sleep, I just sit there looking at photos or videos of you, amazed at how beautiful you are.


                                146/365 Uncle Eirik 

Your uncle Eirik finally came to visit. You were asleep when he got here, but you quickly made friends when you woke up. Once pappa came home from work your little balloon deflated after an exciting day and all you wanted were some cuddles before bath time.


                                 147/365 Little body 

You’re growing up so fast. I’m not ready for your little body to grow out of its baby stages. When I look at you I can’t help but want to stop time, just for a little while, and have you stay my little baby for a while longer.

Day 141 to 143 – 365 Project


                                       141/365 Sailor

My little heartbreaker. You are far too cute in your little sailor outfit.



                    142/365 You had me at Hello

Happy 1st birthday, my love! Thank you for the very best year of my life! I can’t believe how quickly it has passed. A year ago you blew me away when I held you in my arms for the very first time. So tiny, so perfect. You had me at Hello. Words fail to describe how much I love you. You are simply divine.



                             143/365 It’s Christmas, let’s eat

What better way to spend christmas than to eat with your family and some very good friends. Last year we came home from the hospital to a big family dinner, this year we kept it a bit smaller, but just as good. I fairly sure your favourite part of the day was getting to eat the christmas tree.

Day 138 to 140 – 365 Project


                                     138/365 Dinner

Dinner is by far your favourite meal of the day. Especially when it’s served like this. A whole heap of food to pick and choose from. It may look like a lot, but you usually plough through most of it. Whatever doesn’t end up on the floor, that is.



                                   139/365 Things with buttons

Remotes, phones, shirts… Anything with buttons. If it blinks, even better. If it turns the tv or the playstation on, the best. It doesn’t matter to you that you never get to actually watch tv as long as you can play with the remotes and make things turn on and off. Boys and their gadgets, huh?




                                 140/365 Window

From the window in your room we can see other apartments behind us and the car repair shop next door. It’s probably one of your favourite places to hang out, especially since there’s been some construction going on.


Day 135 to 137 – 365 Project


                                  135/365 Freestanding boogie

Standing on your own is easy as long as you forget that you’re doing it. And having a little dance to Old McDonald makes it fairly simple to momentarily forget.



                                     136/365 Sleepy

It’s not always the greatest when I forget to take a photo of you all day and then start just before bath time. They can’t all be great, but they’re all true.



                                     137/365 Girls

There are a small handful of people you absolutely adore in this world next to me and your pappa. And this lovely lady and her mum is definitely right up there.

Day 132 to 134 – 365 Project


                                132/365 Rain Man

Some cooling rain on a hot summers day. We’d been playing, running in and out of the rain. I had just gotten your wet clothes off when you decided to go for a crawl outside. I picked up my camera and took a few photos. While I was shooting you crawled up to the gate, picked something up and put it in your mouth. I put the camera down and came over to see what it was, but you immediately spat it out. Curious as to what made you have such a reaction I picked it up to have a look. It was dog poo. Next time I’ll take a closer look before I pick up anything you spit out that quickly.



                               133/365 Black Flag

I’m surprised you haven’t made more of a mess of your pappa’s records yet. You seem to be fond of the cover of the Black Flag album. Not sure it’s your kind of much though, love.



                                     134/365 What’s in here?

We’re still behind in the big baby proofing project. You’ve discovered that you can open the doors to where we keep our wine and cocktail glasses, but you have yet to figure out how to let go so you can get at what’s in there. Thankfully.