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Stitches – Overalls

I adore overalls on kids. They’re practical and they’re really cute. So…I made Anakin some denim overalls.


Not bad for the first time, hey?

They’re lightweight denim and fully lined with adjustable buckles. I made the lining in red and blue gingham, which I think makes them a bit more fun. These were made in a size 12 months, or 80cm, and even with taking 4 cm off the length they’re still a bit too long for my mini-jedi. But with shoes they work just fine. Otherwise they fit pretty well.


Getting a 16 month old to stand still for a photo is easier said than done.

They’re a bit wide, but I like a bit of room for an active kid. I love how soft they are and being fully lined will make them perfect for winter with a pair of tights underneath.


Anakin loves them too!

Paired with a long sleeve body with a bow tie that matches the lining, I say he makes quite the dapper young man.