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Journey to Norway through snapshots part 5

(Yes, it was a long time ago, but better late than never!)

I’m still not through editing all the images from Norway. Hopefully I’ll get to the end soon. These are from the last days at the cabin where we enjoyed some quality time with friends and family.

Journey to Norway through snapshots – Part 4 -Bjørneparken

While we were at the cabin we took a day trip to Bjørneparken (The bear park) where you can see bears, moose, lynx, foxes and more. The animals have great, big enclosures they live in. It is far from anything you would see at a zoo. To be able to see the animals we timed each of the big ones around their feeding time. It was a treat both for our Australian friends and for us. The lynx is one of my all time favourite animals. I had never seen one before this. This was by far one of the highlights of the trip. (click on the images to enter the gallery.)

Still a couple more post to come from Norway before we get to the end. Stay tuned!

Journey to Norway through snapshots – Part 3 – Cabin Life

After a hectic week in Kongsberg we took our friends from Australia and my family and headed to our cabin by the river. We spent a week in the sun, eating my mum’s yummy cooking, playing cards and catching up on some quality time. Anakin loved the attention and the freedom to run and explore. We had several visitors while we were there and an exciting outing to a bear park (separate post to come about that). Here are a few snaps from the first days. More to come soon!



He would hold out his hands and say “come, mamma”. Who could resist? 



Playing with auntie Leah

_DSC8013_web _DSC8011_web

Our cabin by the river. Pretty idyllic minus the million mosquitos

Our cabin by the river. Pretty idyllic minus the million mosquitos




Enjoying a morning yoghurt


Not sharing with uncle Dane


Not a bad place to take a nap in a stroller


Ah.. Norwegian woods… I love you 


Classic red and white cabin


Being manly and mowing the lawn


I was lucky to capture this moment one morning. Love, so perfectly lit, so true.


Journey to Norway through snap shots, Part 2- Faces

So I realised as I was trying to pick just a few photos (out of a hell of a lot) that most of the photos from our second week in Norway were all about faces. (I’m partly lying. Pretty much all of my happy snaps are about faces.) I guess this just signifies what we did the most, which was meet up with people.


Early morning walk in the backyard with grandma L


Hanging out with grandma M and two of his great grandparents

Our second week was all about catching up with friends and family.  My oldest nephew arrived from the states for a visit. I was fortunate to enjoy as much time as possible with him while he was there despite our jam packed program.  The Kongsberg Jazzfestival was on which meant a lot of people where around. We saw one of my favourite female artists, Hanne Hukkelberg, play in the old baroque church on Thursday and enjoyed a rare night out with our friends from Australia on Saturday. We moved between families as best we could and did our best to try to see everyone at least once.


These two became friends immediately


A quiet moment on what became the new favourite toy


Having a sip of water while waiting for grandma M to give him a haircut


Uncle O makes sure small paws are nice and clean after a snack


I hadn’t seen my oldest nephew in 7 years. Seeing him was by far the highlight of the trip for me. He holds a special place in my heart, so much that I tattooed his face on me 7 years ago to keep him close when he is far away. (Granted it’s not the best tattoo ever)


New friends. There were plenty of new, small faces to get to know for all of us


Being on the go all the time took its toll on our little man


We managed to squeeze in a few visits with another great grandma who was more than happy to be visited by our little jedi


Roaming the park during the Kongsberg Jazzfestival in style


Meeting grandpa PH and doing some people watching while enjoying an ice cream


Opening presents with aunty J


The big extended family BBQ. We invited all of our friends over for a BBQ on Friday during the jazzfestival. It was the only occasion we got to see a lot of them unfortunately. This was one of the best days during the whole trip.



Norwegian wave. Two of our best friends from Australia were travelling and came to visit.


Family BBQ slowly turning into more of a party. Good times with good people



Good face


Two of my favourite people


Mother and son hugs


It was a day of love, all over the place


Two cousins sharing some sultanas. Definitely see the family resemblance here


Grandma M removing some splinters like a pro. Anakin didn’t even flinch

That concludes part 2. Stay tuned for more reminiscing about cabin life and summer days soon.

Journey to Norway through snap shots, part 1

I took so many photos while we were in Norway I’ve had to just start at the beginning and do it in smaller instalments. Choosing between them all is hard, editing is time consuming. I tried not to have my face covered by a camera as much as I could so as the title suggest the images are quick snap shots, simple recordings of some of the things we experienced. I’ve chosen to not look at which images will go in the 365 for this period for now, so there’s bound to be some double ups at a later date.

As always I am guilty of being terrible at taking photos of landscape and scenery, and things that do not include Anakin. (It’s the whole image maker versus image taker thing again.) But I think our 1500 photos from 3 weeks still covered the vital bits. Of course, most of the landscape photos I really needed and actually did take, I managed to lose in some faulty transfer  (or in a moment of not paying proper attention). oh well. Anyways, here is the first instalment! I hope you enjoy it!

Transit eating

Transit eating in Dubai. If you didn’t catch my post with tips for traveling with a toddler, you can find it here.

Frankfurt airport. A bit of coffee to keep us going

Frankfurt airport. A bit of coffee to keep us going, a bit of running to get some energy out of his system. Traveling outfit is all about comfort of course.

A bit of email checking and phone charging

A bit of email checking and phone charging, or “poking pappa’s laptop as much as I can to drive him crazy”, while we wait to board for the last stretch to Oslo.

Escaping the madness

Escaping the madness the second day back. Hello cabin by the lake!

After going straight from the airport to a family birthday we were all pretty beat. I was in excruciating pain from a tooth that decided to go from bad to horrible the day before we left, and I hadn’t slept since before we left Melbourne. I do not recommend ever flying with a tooth ache. The next day, after I had gone to the dentist for an emergency root canal, we escaped to my partner’s family cabin by a lake in the woods for the weekend.  It was rainy and cold, but we loved it. With us came two of our oldest and very best friends.

Getting the look on with grandma.

Getting the Norwegian woodland look on with grandma L who came up to show us a few things before our friends arrived.

The view

The view

the view II

the view II

It was a weekend of the good, the great and the difficult. Dealing with a jet lagged kid out of his routine was tough and challenging. The first few days in Norway Anakin went through a phase of total rejection of me and my partner during daytime except for when things got desperate. Nighttime was all about me, all the time. Our plans to catch fish were washed away by the rain, but we thoroughly enjoyed our time there, although it was far too short.


Rainy day Yatzy by the fire. No tv, no phone, no internet and no laptop. It was like life crept back into us all as we enjoyed the very simple things with some fine people.

Hanging out with his aunty.

Hanging out with his aunty. My best friend was an instant hit with Anakin, as I knew she would be. Seeing them finally together made me happier than anything.

The rain finally stopped for our much anticipated rib BBQ.

The rain finally stopped for our much anticipated rib BBQ. Eirik, our excellent cook, dished up a spectacular feed. And we made quite an impressing effort to devour a massive amount of meat.

The cook

The cook

A (finally) sleeping kid and some delicious food

A (finally) sleeping kid and some delicious dinner by the fire

Smelling that wine real good

Smelling that wine real good

Pointing fingers

Pointing fingers agreeing on being in the very best company.

A man in his element

A man in his element. It’s been ages since I saw my man as relaxed as this. It was a sight for sore eyes.

My oldest and dearest friend.  This is true love right here

My oldest and dearest friend. This is true love right here. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I wish this lady lived closer to me. There are few finer human beings on this planet.

33 years of unconditional love and friendship

33 years of unconditional love and friendship

Keeping warm and keeping the mossies away

Keeping warm and keeping the mossies away

A morning walk through the woods

A morning walk through the woods. I love the Norwegian woodland.

A good place for a nap, right?

A good place for a nap, right? Anakin thankfully agreed.

Stay tuned as our journey continues! In the meantime I’ll try to check in with some more 365 and other bits if I find the time.

Norwegian marathon

We’re still alive!

There hasn’t been much time to write any blogs, let alone do anything that requires sitting down at a computer during our very full Norwegian marathon. There’s only a few more days left before we head back. It’ll be a bittersweet goodbye as always, but I am also looking forward to coming home and getting back to life outside a suitcase, and, believe it or not, back into work.

It’s been quite a ride! I’ll get into all that soon, but until then here’s a few instagram images from our trip.


Wild flowers

A boy and his flowers

A boy and his flowers

Norwegian woods

Norwegian woods


Bjørneparken, gorgeous place to see some Norwegian wildlife

Bjørneparken, gorgeous place to see some Norwegian wildlife

A cheeky bear climbing a tree

A cheeky bear climbing a tree

Cabin life, chipped nails, pj's and old shoes.

Cabin life, chipped nails, pj’s and old shoes.

My oldest and best friend.

My oldest and best friend.

Hanging out at my dad's farm

Hanging out at my dad’s farm

More from us soon! xx




Destination Other side

In a few short days we’ll be packing our bags and heading to the other side – of the planet, for 3 weeks. After about 35 hours of torture traveling we will exit plane number three and plant our feet on Norwegian soil.

Oh how exciting? Yes!!                   And… a little bit… No.

We're going overseas!

We’re going overseas!

It’s been 4 years since I went back to visit the motherland. The last time I had the total of 1 day to just go with the flow, no plans, no stress, and it was the day I came out of the hospital after surgery. This time we’re going as a family, and introducing Anakin, which adds a whole other circle of hoops to jump through.

Don’t get me wrong, it will be absolutely wonderful to see friends and family, of course it will, but it will be a marathon. And absolutely exhausting. Between what we want to do, what we have to do and what’s expected of us, there’s not much, if anything, left.

This time we have had to write down a daily schedule, every day is divided between our two families (and the very occasional friend here and there), and every single day is planned. Where to sleep, who to see, what to do. We’ve done this to reduce the amount of stress on ourselves and prohibit as much tension as possible. I am certain it will be the best thing we ever did in preparation.


I hoping for a lot of this…daytime and nighttime

Besides the obvious stress factor, the unknown of flying with a toddler, the potential horror of dealing with a jet lagged kid out of his routine (and one who is so totally dependent on it for smooth sailing), my need to continue my research and thesis writing, and my partner’s work, there are some absolute gems waiting for us, both in form of people and places.

We’ve lined up some escape time at family cabins where all we’ll do is eat, drink, fish and run around in the woods and surrounding nature. Definite winner. I can’t wait to sit down in the sun with no cars, no tv, no phone and just breathe. We’ll be taking some of our very best friends with us there, both from Norway and from Australia. I’m so excited about this I’m all giddy. We’ll be going to see wolves and lynx, stuff our faces with the world’s best strawberries and eat until our buttons pop. There might even be some swimming if the water is nice. Anakin can run around in the buff and discover his pagan viking heritage.

I’ll finally be seeing a very special someone I haven’t seen in 7 years, which I can’t even begin to explain how happy makes me. Then there’s catching up with siblings, friends, new babies, new family members, grand parents, parents, aunts and uncles, and even going to a concert or two.

Will it be wonderful? Yes! Will we need a holiday once we get back? Yes!

But first there’s a whole lot of organising and packing to do. Oh how I loathe packing. I can never figure out exactly what to bring and I always bring heaps of things I never use.

Anyone got any handy tips for traveling long distance with a (walking) toddler? Things to bring for the plane, advice for baby jet lag or just a few comforting words of wisdom?