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ænə-kin, say it!

Ok, so we leave tomorrow and I have a million things to do. But… I figured why not just get something out of the way first and perhaps save us some annoyance once we get to the other side.

My first name isn’t Dida. I’m not going to tell you what it is, but let’s just say that it is  something I have yet to hear any English speaker pronounce correctly. After getting so sick of constantly repeating and spelling my name, I took another middle name, hence here my name is Dida. Simple enough, right? You’d be surprised at how many struggle to get that one right too.

When we named our son Anakin, we kept in mind that it was a name that needed to work in both English and Norwegian. Seems pretty straight forward? Apparently not. The amount of people who mispronounce his name is surprising. Most all Norwegians do it and even here in Oz there are quite a few people who do. Norwegians will say “Annakin” or “Anniken”, the latter which is a girl’s name by the way.

Is it a big deal? Well, I guess that depends on how you look at it, but it kind of is, to us anyway. We all agree that Mari, Marie and Maria are different names, right? Depending on which language you speak they can sound very similar, a norwegian Mari could be said to be the equivalent of an english Marie which has a silent e, yet they are not the same name.

So, to spare us having to correct everyone constantly here are a few tips:

– If you can say the english name “Anna” just throw in a “kin” at the end. Beware that the norwegian A-sound is different to the english A. Anakin is not a norwegian name and should as such not be pronounced as one. If you’re norwegian it sounds more like an Æ.

– His name is not Anikan, Annikin or Anikin. Just forget it.

– Think english Ah-nha-kin (but fast, not Ahhh…nhhhaaaaa…kiiin), or Norwegian Æh-nha-kin, phonetically: ænə-kin

And in case you were wondering, no, we do not call Anakin Ani and neither may you.

If in doubt, just ask, and remember practice makes perfect.

And while I’m at in, a heads up on our big Golden Rules:

NO sugar (except the very occasional ice cream), NO tv, computer or iPhone, NO juice or soft drink, NO junk food.

There, that should cover the big issues.


We’ll be hugging you in no time!!

See you soon, Norway!