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Shelter from the world

The small joys, the big discoveries. 


You love listening to music. Probably even more so of late than before. Now you ask for very specific songs or albums, the same ones again and again and again. I let you borrow my headset one day and for a while you were lost to the world, just sitting there looking out the window, listening to music and taking it all in. I saw myself sitting there, a smaller version, but still me.

Life before you was one where I never left the house without music glued to my ears. It was my protection, my bubble, like an extra skin I wore to shelter myself from the world. I used to love just sitting somewhere, preferably on a train or a tram, just looking out the window while listening to music, lost in thoughts, trying to be temporarily invisible. 

These days I’d rather listen to the world when I have a moment alone. 

Your latest song infatuations are: Bjørk- Play Dead, Bjørk- Unravel, Bonobo- First Fires and Moomin songs.