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Light it up!

It’s Friday, I’m slightly hungover from a wonderful 5 course degustation meal with wine and cheese last night, and about to start packing for a weekend of work and play.

I’m nervous, I’m excited, I’ve got a ridiculous knot in my stomach just aching to get cracking. It’s time to return to the art making. It’s been ages since I had a shoot, so here’s crossing fingers and legs to everything going as smooth as possible. If all goes to plan I will come home with four new images from two shoots, but seeing how things rarely go to plan I’m open to the possibility of returning with only one or two.

A Tail of Transformation (2011) © Dida Sundet

The last shoot I did was this one, shot at the eerie Hanging Rock in Victoria; A Tail of Transformation (2011) © Dida Sundet           

This weekend is all about beach and play during the day, and all work all night. It’ll be exhausting, it will be exciting and it’ll involve (amongst other things) 46 lemons, a water creature, some dead princesses and a whole lot of good times.

I’m exited to show Anakin the beach. He recently got a sandpit and has developed quite the taste for sand. I’m equally excited to put the artist back in the mum. It’s been too long.



I still haven’t managed to get my website fully back up, but if you’re curious you can find some of my work here.

Here’s to a great weekend (and to mummy going out again last night)!