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Oh hello…

I’ve been a bad blogger. I dropped the ball. Not just fumbling at bit, just dropkicked it way out in the bush somewhere, out of sight. Time has kicked my ass the past 17 months. In all honesty life, the universe and everything has kicked me in the teeth the past 17 months but I’m still here trucking away. I’m like that weed you just can’t kill. Unless I self-destruct I seem to be able to survive just about any shit that comes my way. So much has happened. We built a house, we moved to a new city, my husband became a commuter, our son turned into a prepubescent thunderstorm at 4 and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Oh have I got stories for you…  Anyway, I’m not here to whine, just yet… I just thought I’d check in just in case you were still there wondering what the hell happened.

So in short, I now have 2 kids at home full-time, a husband I see on the weekends and sometimes briefly at night. (Except the past 1,5 week when he was at home recovering from surgery. It may sound funny but it was a luxury for us to have so much time together.) I’m still trying to run a handmade business on my own, get some form of freelance photography going, navigate and integrate in a new city as well as take care of my little banshees. I’ve been a snot covered, bug infested wreck for the past 3 weeks but if you’re a mum you’ll know that none of that changes anything. You still get up and do the shit that needs to be done you just do it feeling like you have the plague.


And the 52 project? I suppose it’s still going. The photos are there, unprocessed mostly, just waiting for me to sacrifice something else to get to them.

But the new house is great. There’s a huge difference between having a hard time living in a mold infested shithole (no joke) and having a hard time living in a brand new house that’s yours. Somehow the hard times don’t seem as hard. Transitions are always tough. Once it gets better, once we get the hang of this new life, it will no doubt see sunshine it hasn’t seen in a long time. I can be patient. I can hold out.


Pass me a tissue, I’ve got work to do.



I’ve been quiet lately, I know. There’s been so much going on. So what’s been shaking our bacon?


We’ve been busy settling in to our new house. It’s a lengthy process. There are still piles of frames waiting to be hung, and mountains of bubble wrap waiting to go to the tip. And there are still a couple of those boxes around. But we love it here. Our garden is flowering, the sun is shining and we’re so happy to be living right here.

I got first place for one of my new images in the International Photography Awards in the category for Night Photography, non professional. Very stoked about that. Now I’m getting my winning image ready to be included in the annual IPA book. I’ve been a bit down in the dumps trying to get work done and this was a major moral boost. Two of my other images were awarded honourable mentions as well.

I’ve applied to go part-time with my MA. There is simply not enough hours in the day to get all my work done while watching Anakin. I hack away at my thesis during nap time and try my best to get location scouts and shoots in whenever I can, but between rain, equipment failure and other issues, it’s been a slowly progressing matter. And writer’s block has reared its ugly head. As a visual person writing is something that doesn’t come very natural to me. But on the upside I’m just about to finish a new image and it’s a cracker.

Eating bubbles with a spoon

Eating bubbles with a spoon

Anakin is babbling away and making small 2- 4 word sentences. His vocabulary astounds me and is somewhere between 150-170 words (yes, I wrote them down a while ago) and is growing on a daily basis. We’re also working a bit more on his English vocabulary and he’s grasping that quite well. He can make jokes now and one of his favourites is to ask for the fruit he is not being offered. If we give him a choice between apple and banana, he’ll ask for a pear and start laughing. Another one is pointing at one of my artworks while calling it pig (gris) and then crack up. Might be that the nude bodies in it remind him of pigs or perhaps he’s trying to tell me he thinks it’s a dirty picture.

My partner got his PhD and is now a doctor, which is very exciting. We’ve celebrated by drinking copious amounts of wine in our pyjamas. At some point we’ll have to score a babysitter and do it properly. We also just “remembered” that we’re getting married next year and should probably start finding a venue and do other necessary planning. We’re not all that fussed, but we do want to have a great day so it’s probably a good idea to start soon.

I’ve been procrastinating by sewing hats, pants, dresses, softies and shorts. I love sewing and I’m working up the courage to launch a small etsy store under the name Little Horrors soon. There’s not nearly enough time to sew on top of everything else as well, but when my mind gets tangled I tend to untangle it best by making things.


Anyway, that’s us of late. What have you been up to?