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Friday happiness

I just had to share this photo with you before I switch off and put my face in some wine, chocolate and cheese for the night. It cracks me up every time I look at it and sums up our kid so well.


I’ve been thinking of updating my header, but unfortunately this just won’t fit

Happy Friday, folks!


So… You named your kid after a Sith lord.

It usually goes something like this:

“Oh what a cute baby. What’s his name?”


Now one of the following will generally happen:

– The -I love Star Wars and that’s bloody brilliant look- followed by “That’s awesome!! That’s such a great name!”

Or… “Skywalker?”


Or… ¬†“Is that a traditional Norwegian name?”

“Oh, you’d like to think so, but no. It’s from Star Wars…. (silence)… You know, Darth Vader?”¬†This is usually either met with rolling eyes, a smirk and/or…

“That’s a very nice name. You like Star Wars, do you?”

Well, duh…

Identity crisis?

Alright, so we named our kid after a character in Star Wars. And yes, he becomes Darth Vader. And yes, he is a Sith lord. But he was, before that, also an excellent jedi, and regardless of anything it is a fantastic name, and the old school Star Wars is beyond brilliant and the new ones are still good. (The atrocity of Jar Jar Binks aside.)

I did do a bit of research before we chose the name, and there are a few, but not an overwhelming number of people named Anakin around. And in a survey I found most of them seemed pretty happy with their name. Of course they are! Being a jedi rules! I can’t wait for Anakin’s first proper costume party. Imagine a little toddler stumbling around in his Darth Vader getup. Adorable? I do think so!

He already has a bunch of Star Wars paraphernalia, the lucky boy, and even though he’s named after a Sith lord doesn’t mean he’ll turn into one.

I, for one, am obviously having heaps of fun with it already, and I will always stand by my opinion that regardless of what anyone may feel about Star Wars*, Anakin is a beautiful name for a beautiful boy. He couldn’t be anyone other than Anakin.

You’re perfect, baby!!

(* I don’t understand how anyone can not like Star Wars!)