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Love it – lamp

For over a year now I have been in love, and secretly desiring, these lamps from Mr Maria. My favourite is the Miffy Dream lamp.


Miffy Dream lamp

I’ve been looking for the perfect lamp for Anakin’s room for some time. I want it to be fun, special, beautiful and something not easily outgrown. And I think this is it. Honestly, I’d just as soon put this in my living room.


Miffy XL

I also like the Miffy and the Miffy XL.

Unfortunately living in a rental house makes us also have to put a few things we want on hold, and I think this lamp is one of those things. So, I’m still looking, for something slightly more affordable and in the table lamp category. I also fell in love with a large soft serve ice cream lamp, but they’re not only hard to come by, they also cost a fortune to ship.

So the search continues.

The Mr Maria Miffy lamps can be found here.

Small spaces

small spaces

In our house Anakin’s things mean as much as our things and get their own small spaces within our larger living space. His things are not confined to his room. What started out as a way to easily put toys and books away while keeping them close at hand became a solution to something else as well. Because Anakin has his own shelves with his own things he doesn’t empty all our things from our shelves. He pulls out his books, but not ours. He gets out his shoes, but not ours. Without really having to be told.

Brilliant, and hey, it looks real cute.