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The holiday sleep series

Sleeping away from home is never easy when you’re little. During our trip to the Sunshine Coast I had to work out new ways to help Anakin nap. We rented a portacot, but as per usual he refused to sleep in it and it became a bit of fencing instead to help keep him in bed. We all slept in the same bed as usual, but before we turned in and during nap time I had to build a kind of cocoon to keep him for rolling out. (Which he did the first night. Ops.)

the sleep cocoon

the sleep cocoon

I would stay in the room with him for his nap until he fell sleep, often trying to get some sleep myself (and failing) from having to get up at 4.30 every day. And from part boredom and absolute infatuation with watching him sleep I started taking photos of him every day, either with my phone or with my camera. In case you’re wondering, yes, he did sleep in the same pi’s most days.


This is one of my favourite photos. I only wish it was taken with the Nikon and not the iPhone (instagram @didajenta)

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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset IMG_4774 IMG_4802




Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Norwegian marathon

We’re still alive!

There hasn’t been much time to write any blogs, let alone do anything that requires sitting down at a computer during our very full Norwegian marathon. There’s only a few more days left before we head back. It’ll be a bittersweet goodbye as always, but I am also looking forward to coming home and getting back to life outside a suitcase, and, believe it or not, back into work.

It’s been quite a ride! I’ll get into all that soon, but until then here’s a few instagram images from our trip.


Wild flowers

A boy and his flowers

A boy and his flowers

Norwegian woods

Norwegian woods


Bjørneparken, gorgeous place to see some Norwegian wildlife

Bjørneparken, gorgeous place to see some Norwegian wildlife

A cheeky bear climbing a tree

A cheeky bear climbing a tree

Cabin life, chipped nails, pj's and old shoes.

Cabin life, chipped nails, pj’s and old shoes.

My oldest and best friend.

My oldest and best friend.

Hanging out at my dad's farm

Hanging out at my dad’s farm

More from us soon! xx




Ruling at it.

So it’s the last night of my week-long single parenting adventure. Anakin is bathed, fed and sleeping. I’ve taken out the trash, put away the dishes, tidied up all the toys and put away all the books. Now all I need is for my thai take away to arrive and to dive into my Water wheel Shiraz.

Despite us both being sick for most of the time, it’s been a great week. I’ve cooked some new and amazing food for us and we’ve really enjoyed each others company. Not that we don’t normally. Ok, so I haven’t managed to do much work or even touch the sewing machine, but the house has generally been tidier than usual. Not sure why that is to be honest. And I’ve loved waking up with him curled up next to my head. Kind of like this.


(instagram photo)

It’s been a bad week for the 365 project though. Oh I’ve taken the shots, but Steinar took the good camera with him to LA so I’ve been stuck with the Nikon D90 and an off camera flash that died. After you go full frame it’s hard to go back.

So my favourite shot so far from the last couple of days was shot with my iphone and run through the filter mill in instagram. At least until I have time to go through everything else. Low fi, but what the hell, right?


(instagram photo)

Honestly, this single parenting thing? I’m ruling at it. Am I looking forward to seeing my fiancé tomorrow? Absolutely.




Big love in the little things

We had a really wonderful day at the zoo yesterday. I was pretty stuffed from this terrible cold, but it was a great day nonetheless. Here are a few instagram snaps:

the view from underneath a one-legged seagull

the view from underneath a one-legged seagull


Anakin making lizard friends

Anakin making lizard friends


Petting the friendliest tiger in the whole zoo

Petting the friendliest tiger in the whole zoo with aunty Jess


Pretty happy with his day

Someone was pretty happy with his day!


This morning when I was tidying up the chaos from a very rushed dinner and bedtime last night I found a few surprises hidden in the pram that really made my day and put a great, big smile on my face.




A bit later I found two more.




It really doesn’t take much to make someone feel incredibly lucky and loved. A few words on some pieces of paper made more of a difference to my day than I can explain. I’m a very lucky lady to have such amazing people around me who understands that sometimes the biggest love can come from the smallest things.

And Jess doesn’t know this, but finding secret notes is one of my favourite kind of surprises.

So today it didn’t matter that I am sick, or that I haven’t done any work or cleaned my house. I spent the day just being happy that I have a beautiful son who beams with joy and some very special friends who care about me.

I hope you’ve had a wonderful easter and that you feel as loved as I do right now.

xx Dida

Ps. You can find me on instagram as Didajenta 🙂

InstaMoments of late

A few phone snaps of bits and pieces that have happened latelyinstacollage

  1. One of my favourite things, Harold, the stuffed bird. (I actually borrowed him off a friend and he never made it back. ops.)
  2. Bath beauty
  3. I love this building. I hope they never repaint it.
  4. Homemade wonton noodle soup. As delicious as it looks.
  5. My boys having some boy time
  6. Mummy’s little “helper”
  7. Pub lunch and cuddles at the Northcote Social Club
  8. Star wars cook book and cookie cutters as a cheer-up-you’re-doing-great present from my man on a very bad day
  9. Post-Gregory Crewdson show and expensive lunch cuddle
  10. Hanging out with my two explorers
  11. Best park buddy
  12. Standing opens up a whole new world for exploration



  1. My favourite bit of the park near our house
  2. Anakin loves hanging out in the window after his naps
  3. Happiness is a piece of bread, some grass and good company
  4. On a coffee run with pappa
  5. Perfection
  6. Learning to brush his teeth
  7. Fine dining
  8. Riding the tram is exciting stuff
  9. Nappy window hang out
  10. Reading on the train as a proper little Melbournite
  11. Sewed a skull vest for a christmas present
  12. Visit from the world’s best Vinnie




(Insta)Moments of late

(Instagram snaps from @didajenta)

  1. Anakin’s been sick and cutting a new tooth this week, but sick or not, he still has plenty of smiles, some full of banana.
  2. After feeds we spend some time cuddling. Lately this involves a lot of poking my belly button.
  3. The days of peace are over for the cats. Whenever Anakin sees them, he’s off as fast he can. Hedda wisely knows to keep her distance.
  4. Sometimes when we’re not feeling great we just need a hand to hold. I’ve spent a lot of time this week just holding Anakin and I think it’s done us both a lot of good.
  5. There has been a lot of cuddles lately. Staying close is even more important when we don’t feel well.
  6. Even big boys get excited about seeing trains.
  7. Tights made from my old knee-high socks, one of my DIY projects.
  8. Devilishly handsome in his homemade getup. (Another one of my DIY projects)
  9. A boy and his fish. Anakin loves our adopted fish, Olav. We can’t wait to take him to the aquarium.
  10. The black sheep finger puppet is a favourite toy. And as long as I am within reach (as in right there), it is ok to play alone for a bit.
  11. Anakin has found a new love in magazines. He turns (and tears) the pages talking to all the faces he sees. He particularly likes Johnny Depp on the cover. Steinar bought this for me the day Anakin was born before he left the hospital so I’d have something to read.
  12. Too soon for coffee? It doesn’t matter that the cup is empty as long as he gets to take part in what we are doing. Drinking or gnawing, it’s all the same.

Waking lion

The week is over. Our little lion now has two teeth! I hope you’ve all enjoyed your weekend, I know we did!

xx Dida