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I like fish and boobies

This is Anakin, 17,5 months old, and these are a few of his favourite things.


Headgear by personal choice.

“Anakin, what’s your favourite food?”


“Except boobie?”

“Uhmm.. I guess a close second would be salmon, quinoa, avocado and that vegan mexican thing you make. Or any mexican thing you make. My favourite sandwich is cream cheese, avocado, lemon and tomato. Oh and your garlic dressings. I love them. Actually I like pretty much everything homemade and full of flavour. ”

“What’s your favourite music? Do you have a favourite song you like to dance to?”

“I have several songs I really like, but my favourite band is Alt-J and their best song is “Dissolve me”. It used to be “way down in the hole” by Tom Waits. And I’m getting really into Queens of the Stone Age, not their new album, but their old stuff. I agree with pappa, their new album is self-indulgent.”

“What’s the best thing in the world?”

“Boobie!! You really can’t beat boobie. You can try, but there’s nothing better. Boobie rules the world! Give the people more boobie and you will have world peace.”

“Other than boobie?”

Longing for cat food...

Longing for cat food…

“Uhm…I like planking one of my cats, Quincey, trying to eat cat food, emptying drawers and reading books. I love books. Books are my favourite. I also like figuring out what you don’t want me to do and then doing that. I figure if you don’t want me doing it, it must be worth doing.”



“uhm.. well that certainly explains a few things. Tell me about your favourite book instead.”

“It’s The Terrible Plop. It’s a good one. I like it when all the animals run away because they’re scared of that apple that made the big plop sound when it fell in the water. Oh and I love pop up books, especially the alphabet pop up and the monster pop up. You’re a good mum because you buy me books.”

“Do you have a favourite toy?”

“You mean except books? Because I already told you books are my favourite.”


“Yes, except books.”

“My favourite would be a computer or an iPhone, but you never let me have any of those, which is really unfair. I could be the new.. what’s his face… Bill Gates or that Steve Jobs, and you wouldn’t even know it because you ban me from all things screen.”

“There’s a good reason for that.”


“We’ll get into that later. You’ll thank me when you’re older. So, you don’t have a favourite toy except books?”

“I guess I like balls. And cars. And chalk, chalk is good. oh and that thing you put on your lips. I like that. And keys. Keys are really good. Your handbag always has good things in it. And buttons, anything with buttons.”

Buttons and more buttons

Buttons and more buttons

“And do you have a favourite song you like to sing?”

“I like to sing the hokey pokey, but swap all the words for boobie. And I like Bæ, bæ, lille lam (Ba Ba Black sheep). I’m getting really good at that one. Mostly I sing it because you think I’m really cute and when you do I usually get something I want without having to cry.”

“But crying in itself doesn’t give you anything.”

“It doesn’t? What about when I kick and scream? Does that work?”


“What works then? How do I get my way?”

“Well, it’s not as easy as that.”

“Well, I do know that if I just cry for boobie enough eventually you give me boobie. So that works. And you know my slogan, the best things in life are BOOBIES! Winner!!”


Friday happiness

I just had to share this photo with you before I switch off and put my face in some wine, chocolate and cheese for the night. It cracks me up every time I look at it and sums up our kid so well.


I’ve been thinking of updating my header, but unfortunately this just won’t fit

Happy Friday, folks!