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Journey to Norway through snapshots part 5

(Yes, it was a long time ago, but better late than never!)

I’m still not through editing all the images from Norway. Hopefully I’ll get to the end soon. These are from the last days at the cabin where we enjoyed some quality time with friends and family.

The holiday sleep series

Sleeping away from home is never easy when you’re little. During our trip to the Sunshine Coast I had to work out new ways to help Anakin nap. We rented a portacot, but as per usual he refused to sleep in it and it became a bit of fencing instead to help keep him in bed. We all slept in the same bed as usual, but before we turned in and during nap time I had to build a kind of cocoon to keep him for rolling out. (Which he did the first night. Ops.)

the sleep cocoon

the sleep cocoon

I would stay in the room with him for his nap until he fell sleep, often trying to get some sleep myself (and failing) from having to get up at 4.30 every day. And from part boredom and absolute infatuation with watching him sleep I started taking photos of him every day, either with my phone or with my camera. In case you’re wondering, yes, he did sleep in the same pi’s most days.


This is one of my favourite photos. I only wish it was taken with the Nikon and not the iPhone (instagram @didajenta)

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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset IMG_4774 IMG_4802




Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Post holiday blues

It’s Monday, it’s cold, it’s pouring rain and I have the post holiday blues. Big time. 

Yesterday an amazing week of this came to an end. 

_DSC1676_webMooloolaba beach on the Sunshine Coast, you sure captured our family holiday hearts. 

We’ll be going back there for sure. 

And I’ll be sharing more photos of our trip once I get a chance to work through them all.

(Oh yes, and more photos from that trip to Norway ages ago. I haven’t forgotten, I’m just slow…) 

Until then… It’s Monday and time for a cup of hot tea and woollen socks. 

Journey to Norway through snapshots – Part 3 – Cabin Life

After a hectic week in Kongsberg we took our friends from Australia and my family and headed to our cabin by the river. We spent a week in the sun, eating my mum’s yummy cooking, playing cards and catching up on some quality time. Anakin loved the attention and the freedom to run and explore. We had several visitors while we were there and an exciting outing to a bear park (separate post to come about that). Here are a few snaps from the first days. More to come soon!



He would hold out his hands and say “come, mamma”. Who could resist? 



Playing with auntie Leah

_DSC8013_web _DSC8011_web

Our cabin by the river. Pretty idyllic minus the million mosquitos

Our cabin by the river. Pretty idyllic minus the million mosquitos




Enjoying a morning yoghurt


Not sharing with uncle Dane


Not a bad place to take a nap in a stroller


Ah.. Norwegian woods… I love you 


Classic red and white cabin


Being manly and mowing the lawn


I was lucky to capture this moment one morning. Love, so perfectly lit, so true.