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Friday Love

I love Fridays. It doesn’t really matter what kind of day you’re already having it’ll get better by the simple fact that it’s Friday.



We’re having a pretty excellent Friday. We’ve already been to the market, done all the grocery shopping for the week, had fresh, crusty bread for breakfast and free veggie soup for lunch. (Cute kids get a lot of free perks!) The sun is out, the sky is all blue and there are promises of a warm, spring afternoon. After nap time we’re heading out and staying out until dinner time. It’s a good day. It’s a really good day. Most of all because I get to spend it with this guy and I can’t imagine better company for a sunny afternoon. Happy Friday!





Thank goodness it’s Friday. One week and two days until holiday, until we can get on a plane and fly away from work and everything I just can’t be bothered with right now, and spend 8 glorious days at a 5 star resort with a big pool and a beach a stone throw away. Excited much? You bet. It’s a sure winner.



As is this guy.

Happy Friday!

I’ll be your swan for the night!

It’s Friday night and… (I’m so excited I’m all giddy) IT’S DATE NIGHT!! Our first ever since Anakin was born!! Can you freakin’ believe it?!? We’ve got babysitters I trust (and believe me, I don’t trust many people with our kid), a table booked at a nice restaurant and tickets to see Swans play at the Corner Hotel. Sweet, right?!


I’ve got a dress on, make up and yep, there’s even that ring on that finger. (No heels though, who can stand for two hours in heels? Not me.) Tonight I get to be the girl to my boy. Let’s call it our engagement date!

Good Friday to you all, ladies and gents! This lady is going OUT!