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Kid Koala

When Anakin was itty bitty I bought this koala costume for him. Every time we’ve tried it on he’ll think it’s funny until I put the hood on. Then he hates it. I get why, you can’t see at all in that thing and it gets in your eyes. But he was too cute to not photograph in it so he had to endure it one more time for mamma… That he hated it just made it cuter. (Yep, totally tortured my kid for some photos.)

_DSC9580_web _DSC9583_web _DSC9586_web _DSC9591_web _DSC9592_web

_DSC9590_webWorth it right? I think so. 🙂



BamFest 2012 – Costume wedding – Day 148 – 149, 365 Project

I figured I’d make a separate post for this in the 365 project.

On December 29th, 2012, two of our wonderful friends, Ben and Tam, got married. It was a sensational wedding! If you remember me talking about having to make costumes for a wedding, this was it! (I’ll make a separate post about our costumes soon.) The theme was Anamythical, we went as a family of owls. We had a fantastic day (and a horrible night thanks to little mister I-didn’t-sleep-much-at-that-time). I would have to say it was by far the best and most beautiful wedding I have ever been to. Very fitting for such amazing people. Little did I know that in two small days I’d be engaged to be married myself. More on that later.

Anyways, here is a small selection of images from the day and the morning after. Click on any image for a larger (and better) view.

*Because it’s only supposed to be one image per day, I have nominated two images as the official day 148 and 149 shots with texts inside the album