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2/52 – Childhood memories

A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, for the fourth year of his life.


Anakin: There’s something so quintessential about taking a bath in the sink when you’re a kid and you’re on holiday, and having a photo of it. These are your future childhood memories, keepsakes we’ll treasure long after your hands have grown big and your skin starts showing the map of your life. 


I’m weeks behind in posting these, but I aim to start playing catch up asap. It’s been kind of nice to not spend any time by the laptop for a few weeks. Unplugging feels liberating and has made me keep my focus where it’s been needed. But I’ll be easing back into it now, with some pretty big (or little news) to share.

xx Dida

To Santa or not to Santa

Christmas is almost here. Every year it kind of takes me by surprise. Although I have lived in Australia for many years now, christmas still equals snow. This has nothing to do with the fact that I really, truly do not like winter and everything to do with how I know christmas is coming. Here I just forget, despite being bombarded with christmas stuff everywhere, because it’s warm and beautifully sunny.

Anyways, I digress from my topic. Santa Claus, or julenissen as we norse refer to him as. Now that we have Anakin in our lives there are a few things we’ll have to consider in regards to what we want to pass on. We’re not religious people whatsoever so to us christmas is simply a holiday, an excuse to eat excessive amounts of good food, drink wine and spend time with people we love. I don’t want to offend people with religious beliefs, so let’s just leave it at that for now.

But what about Santa? This year it won’t make much of a difference what we say, but sooner or later we’re going to have to decide if we want to pass on the whole idea of Santa Claus. We don’t have to bother about the easter bunny because it’s just never played a part in Norwegian upbringing so I see no reason for us to go there. Tooth fairy? Sure. But what about this fat man with a white beard that brings presents?  I certainly oppose the idea of the lists of good and bad children Santa supposedly has, but we can easily leave that part out. I do not want my son to think that he will be punished for whatever “bad” things he does by anyone other than his parents, and that his actions will hang over his head until christmas rolls around again. As if christmas is some sort of yearly time of judgement and Santa is judge and jury. No, thank you. But a mysterious jolly fat man who brings presents in the night? Perhaps.

Even Santa can’t resist this face

A part of me thinks Santa is one of those things that should come with being a kid, he’s a part of that wonderful world of make-believe. It doesn’t matter that it’s not true, Anakin will figure that out sooner or later just like every other kid does. And I want him to have as much magic in his childhood as possible. So perhaps this includes us talking about Santa, maybe leaving some porridge out for him or a cookie or two. Whether we’ll go as far as having Santa come visit is a decision for another time. And perhaps it is as much a question of what we want christmas to be for all of us, as what we want it to be for him. I’m a big kid at heart and though I may not want to sit on Santa’s lap, I would still be up for giving the old man a good squeeze.

And to finish off, here’s a random thought I’ve had hanging around in my mind for a few years:

If Santa had a bath with all his clothes on, do you think his beard would go pink?