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Breaking silence

It’s been a bit quiet around here hasn’t it? With the exception of the 52 project there hasn’t been much going on here of late. Believe me, there’s been plenty going on, just not here.


At first it was a matter of just not having time to write and process images as I was getting down to crunch time for my Masters degree. (Now how that all wrapped up is another story.) As you can imagine juggling being a stay at home mum with writing a thesis and creating a large body of work is a huge workload. On top of that I was slowly trying to get a micro business going of handmade kids clothes. (Still working on that one.) What little time there was left I needed to just catch my breath and to spend with my family.

But as the year went on and winter hit my silence was also grounded in other reasons. Every year, around the same time, I seem to retreat and have a bit of a stock take of my life and the people in it. And this year I finally decided it was time to let go, of old hurt and the people who had caused it for so long. I started a process of pulling some people closer while letting others go. I was growing tired of feeding certain relationships that only went one way.

And the blog became part of that process. Through sharing intimate looks into our lives I was enabling some people to feel connected and informed without having to give anything back. For the most part I’m ok with that, but for a time I needed it to stop. I needed to just let some bridges burn and stop fighting an uphill battle. So I started to hold back. A lot. Some weeks it was easy, others were hard.

But recently I’ve come to realise that I am losing more than I am winning. This blog isn’t mainly about sharing thoughts and images with you or with everybody else, it’s about us. Its main function has always been to document our journey as a family, for better and for worse. It’s to make sure there is a story for Anakin to discover and hopefully cherish as he grows older, it’s for me to remember the little things, the big things and to reflect and look back on. This is our story. This is our document.

Everything else, everyone else who reads it, enjoys it or cares about it is just a bonus. A good bonus, but not why it exists in the first place. And so as major events were unfolding I was losing by not documenting it. As was Anakin and my partner.

So I guess you could say this is me telling myself to get on with it, to get back to winning and not sit by watching burnt bridges turn to ash. There are many chapters I need to get to, things I need to process, things I feel a need to share and have wanted to share for a while, but I guess one thing stands out as needing to be said first. Of all the secrets we’ve kept, and we’ve kept it from most people, this is by far the biggest one.



Our little (or not so little) baby bump is 20 weeks and kicking up a storm. We are over the moon about this little person joining our family, due late January.




We weren’t planning a big announcement of any sort and it’s been nice to have such a gem of a secret, only shared with a few close friends and loved ones. And I’ve really enjoyed sharing the news with people as we see them or talk to them as opposed to shouting it from a rooftop for all the world to hear. We kept it close and personal.

But as this most likely is my last pregnancy and this blog also is this little persons’ document there are too many things to say and to photograph to keep quiet. Neither could I hide from the camera forever.




So here it is. Our little big secret, not so secret anymore. And we’re loving it!!

Return from the glitch

We’re back!

In all honesty we’ve been back for a few days, but are still struggling to find our way through the jet lag. Hopefully I’ll find the time soon to sit down and write a few posts about Norway, traveling with a toddler, dealing with jet lag and bombard you with a few 365 posts. If my memory serves me right the project will come to an end (in regards to shooting) in the next two weeks. I’ll have to double-check to be sure of the start date. Wow… a year! That’s pretty exciting! And a bit daunting since I’m still processing May images. Which also means this little blog will be turning 1 soon too! 😀

Anyway, I just wanted to say we’re still here and about to have some sort of comeback. Nights have so far been tided up with Captain Jet Lag Jedi, but in return he’s giving me some good sleep ins in the wee morning hours.

_DSC9086_webStay tuned!


It’s a community thing

You’re probably thinking I’m talking about parenting, but no, it’s all about blogging. Bloggers are a community and every once in a while we show some appreciation for each other that go beyond likes, comments and the odd link back here and there.

About two weeks ago I received a blog award from one of my favourite bloggers. I was pretty stoked that someone I like so much and spend much time reading also likes me (or my blog at least)! Cue blushing and excitement. I’m talking about the wonderful Jona from Mammalivet i Berlin (life as a mum in Berlin). I have a bloggers crush on this lady. She inspires me and very often writes things I’m thinking about. If you haven’t read this blog I urge you to go do so. If you don’t speak norwegian there’s an option to translate the blog. Off you go!


Part of the deal with the blog award is to pay it forward to blogs that I love. While some may think this is a silly thing because there are no prizes or judges or whatever, I think it’s quite the opposite. It surely makes blogging a bit less of a solo adventure and more of a community thing. A bit of appreciation never hurt anyone, right? Without further ado here are 5 of my favourite blogs and they all have one think in common, they make me laugh:

Mummy Never Sleeps – Cas is a refreshingly honest SAHM to the hilarious Bean. She blogs about living with depression, life as a mum and other sarcastic tidbits.

Mamacravings – Eli is 3 years old and his mum writes down some of the precious conversations they have. Mamacravings fills my mummyheart to the brink.

Keeping up with the Holsbys– I’ve been a reader of Danielle’s blog since I started blogging. She writes about parenting, food and if there’s an elephant in the room, Danielle will tell you all about it. I’ve made a few of her recipes too and this girl can cook!

The reluctant mum’s blog – Honest, funny and sometimes sad. It’s refreshing to read a blog that openly talks about depression, anxiety and how mum sometimes needs to lock herself in a room and drink too much wine.

Over 50 under 5– a blog written by a baby and his father. A hilarious take on life with a new baby. “The most terrifying thing about babies is that there is no reasoning with them. There is little negotiation when you have little legroom. You can’t say, ‘Hey buddy, here’s the deal. You stop pounding on my kidney with your big toe and I’ll pay for college, all the way through.’ Lee (the dad) never fails to amuse me.

Alright, so now that that’s all out of the way, here are the rules of the game award:

• This award is given by real people to real people writing blogs that is real special in the way stated in the Award Logo.
• Show appreciation of the blogger who nominated you and link back to them in your post;
• Add the award logo to your blog;
• Share 7 things about yourself;
• Nominate 5 – 10 or more bloggers you admire;
• Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know.

So… 7 things about me. Yikes. Uhm. I hope you don’t expect them to be mind-blowing…

1– I usually get a bit of a facial twitch when someone introduces me as a photographer. I don’t particularly like it, it’s not really true and I will only ever do so myself if I can’t be bothered getting into the whole “I am an artist. Yes, I mainly work with photography. No, lightpainting is not painting. I am an image maker long before I am an image taker. No, I will not shoot your wedding.” It’s a bit of a pet hate of mine. Perhaps if people’s perception of what a photographer does extended a bit further than commercial photography, weddings and babies, I’d be more inclined to call myself one and leave it at that. There’s still a big difference between art photography and commercial photography in most cases. My photographic practice has a lot more emphasis on art than it does technical or commercial aspects.

2– I seriously can not wait to give birth again. Whenever that may happen. I loved it, it ruled and yes, I may be crazy for thinking so. (And no, I was not off my face on any sort of drug whatsoever.)

3– I’m 33 and I can’t drive a car. Never could. I like to tell people that it’s because I grew up on a race track when my mum raced cars, which is true, but that’s not the real reason. (Yes, my mum rules.) The real reason is that I was scared shitless by a friend who tried to teach me and since then getting behind a wheel gives me the shakes.

4- I am not a feminist. I’m all for women’s rights and I believe in equality, but I do not, nor have i ever, considered myself a feminist. I applaud the huge effort and all the work they did to pave the way for women like me, but I do not feel like I need to identify as a one to believe in equality or to stand up for myself as a woman. Sorry. I find memes telling me to reclaim my vagina insulting. My vagina has never been lost to me nor have I ever not been in control of it. I am a strong, independent woman, but first of all I am an individual (regardless of my gender) and an egalitarian. I believe in equal rights for all people no matter what gender, mental capabilities, sexual preference, religious beliefs, ethnicity or whatever other box you might want to put people in. If there’s a name other than egalitarian for that which ends in an -ist, that’s me, I guess. My non-feminist ways may have something to do with being raised by a strong woman who takes no shit from anyone regardless of their gender in a country which is ranked 3rd in the world for gender equality. Just saying.

5- My favourite fact is that in space when you burp you do a wet burp. (No, it’s not like vomiting.) Because of lack of gravity there is no separation between gas and liquid so it all comes out. I think it’s wicked and a bit gross.

6– I was tricked into eating whale once by my dear mother and I liked it. I have never eaten it again, nor will I ever because I like whales better when they’re alive than when they’re dead on a plate.

7– Before we had children I was adamant I only wanted one child. (And I hoped it was a boy.) Now that we have one kid I want another and the thought has crossed my mind that I may even want a third. (Cue panic from my partner… Relax, honey, I’m sure I won’t feel the same once we have two.)

That’s it! Please do pop by the blogs above and give them a read, they’re well worth a look.

Oh and Happy Friday!

Passing it on

It’s my turn to pass on some nominations for the Liebster Award. It hasn’t been easy choosing which blogs to give them to. There are a lot of good ones out there. Although it feels a bit like a chain letter, I think this whole thing is very nice. I really love reading good blogs and it’s been fun to discover some new ones. I decided to keep mine in a theme to make it easier on myself, the theme being parenting. So, here are my 3 nominations for the Liebster Award.

Best of Two Sisters; I love this blog. It’s full of great photos, recipes and good stories. Some of my favourite posts are What are we reading this week and Sunday Soup Challenge.  It’s also partly from my motherland, Norway, which adds an extra bonus for me.

Me vs Gavin: This blog is written by Dylan. Dylan and his wife made a mini human they call the worm (Gavin). Dylan’s daddyblog really makes me laugh. It’s honest, it’s funny and, best of all, from a dad’s perspective.

Mummyhoodmadness: The title says it all. Mummyhood really is madness. This is a blog about one woman’s journey through divorce, babies, redundancy, remarriage and whatever comes next.

If you’re unfamiliar with the rules of the Liebster Award nomination (and you choose to accept, which is totally up you), you can find them here.

Without further ado, here are my 10 questions for you:

  1. What do you think makes a good blog?
  2. What made you start blogging?
  3. Cat person or dog person?
  4. If you could change anything, anything at all, with the world as it is, what would it be and why?
  5. What’s your favourite thing?
  6. Popcorn and snack eating in the cinema, yay or nay?
  7. What, if anything, do you wish someone had told you about life when you were young?
  8. Best book you’ve read?
  9. If you could be the best at something what would it be?
  10. What’s your favourite recipe to cook? (And please do share it.)

Here are the award badges to choose from:

All the best and enjoy your weekend!

xx Dida


Ich liebe, du liebst, A Liebster award!

Alright, so yesterday was pretty shit. As was the night that followed. So imagine my surprise when I awake to find that my little jedi blog as been nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely Sara over at Portlandian Bonanza! I think I need a coffee to take this in. *rubs eyes* Wait, what? Wow! Thank you!

Anakin cheering for mamma!

As is in my nature, I’ve done a bit of research on it. But the vast internet jungle has not yielded many concrete answers except from other bloggers. It seems the Liebster award has been around since at least 2010. And it also seems as it has its small variations here and there. So here’s the basic gist if it:

The Libester award is given to relatively new blogs with less than 300 (some say 200) followers.  It seems to be the general consensus that the award originated in Germany and it’s purpose is to showcase good blogs to a bigger audience. Upon accepting the award you also give thanks to the blogger that nominated you and pay it forward to new bloggers. Mostly all the bigger blogs I read have received a Liebster Award. I think it’s a pretty sweet thing!

Here are the rules for the acceptance of the award (and I do so humbly and thankfully accept!):

  1. Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you
  2. Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and link back
  3. Answer the 10 questions posed by the blogger who nominated you
  4. Select 3 – 5 bloggers for the award
  5. Pose 10 new questions to the new nominees
  6. Post the award on your blog

So, the questions I got from Sara:

  1. If you could interview any person, living or dead, on your blog who would it be? Why? That would have to be artist and photographer Sandy Skoglund. I am a big fan of her work and would love to pick her brain about things.
  2. Do you posses any secret talents? If so, please share! Secret talents? I guess I have a real knack for figuring out how to make things I have never made before.
  3. If you were deserted on an island what three things would you want with you?  I would want a blank journal, a pencil and a good camera. But if I let the practical side of me choose I would say a knife, a blanket and a tarp. Or a water bottle. Damn, this is a hard one. I better never get stranded on a deserted island!
  4. Batman or Superman? Batman! Way better outfit. And he has a mask and the batmobile. Superman never had his own car. Superman did have that whole flying thing going for him and the laser shooting eyes, but I’m all about the visuals on this one.
  5. What must you have on hand when sitting down to write a blog post? Coffee. Must have coffee, Bridge and Photoshop. I rarely blog without visuals.
  6. Name the CD that is currently playing in car/iPod? I listen to pretty much all my music through Spotify these days. What’s currently spinning there is 22 Pistepirkko’s Rumble City Lala Land.
  7. What was the last book you read? Would you recommend it to a friend? That was John Medina’s Brain rules for baby. I haven’t quite finished it yet, but I would definitely recommend it. It’s all about baby brain development. It’s very good.
  8. If you could guest post for any blog out there, what blog would it be and what would the title of your post be? It would be horror photographer Joshua Hoffine’s blog and the title of the blog would be the title of one of my images, I suppose. If I had to choose from my former work it would be Hellion. His blog is all about how he makes his work, so my guest post would be on how I go about making one of my images.
  9. Quick, your husband’s/wife’s boss is coming to dinner what do you make? Easy! Salmon with pancetta baked on bed of potatoes, asparagus and tomatoes on the vine. Delicious!
  10. What is something you wish someone would have shared with you about blogging, good or bad? That it’s addictive and that you need to put yourself out there if you want people to read it.  I’ve blogged a bit before, but it was more a form of personal note taking of my research. It was intended just for me and not very personal. This one is very personal.  I wish someone had told me blogging makes you feel somewhat vulnerable, but also very supported.

Next is passing on some nominations and posing my own questions. I’ll take a bit of time doing that, I really want to have a good look before I choose. Stay tuned!

Thanks again, Sara! You made my day!