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Norwegian pork feast and the jedi birthday

The yearly Norwegian pork feast aka Norwegian christmas happens December 24th, one day after Anakin’s birthday. So this year we spread our celebrations and our gifts over a few days so to not utterly snow the poor little man down in new things, concluding with Anakin’s 2nd birthday party a few days before New Year’s. In-between the various parties we had very quiet days, just enjoying each other, fine wine and relaxing times.  Here’s a whole lot of photos of what went down and how we rolled.  (click images to enter the gallery)

Next christmas will be a special one with hopefully a fair few Norwegians around. We’ve finally set a date for our wedding, December 13th, so for us it will be a couple of weeks of festivities of all sorts.

1/52 – Birthday letter

Dearest, darling Anakin,

It’s a beginning of a new year for you and it seems only fitting to begin another photography project, and also to write your birthday letter.


1/52 -The King of 2

I can hardly believe you’re 2 years old already. It seems like only yesterday you were a tiny ball sleeping on my tummy. You are such an extraordinary person! You continue to astonish me and I keep falling head over heels in love with you, a little more every day.

At 2 you can already count to 10 in English and Norwegian, but you seem to prefer English for some reason. Your vocabulary is huge with hundreds of words in both languages. You sing everything from Daft Punk and Alt-J to The wheels on the bus. Your singing and your laughter are my favourite sounds in the whole, wide world. You’re so full of love and affection for everyone around you, never hesitating to share your favourite toys or your treats. Your generosity and warmth far exceeds your years. It is no wonder you attract everyone with your magnetism.

I am ever so humble to still be able to spend my days with you, teaching you new things and showing you the world we live in. How fortunate we are to be able to have so much time together. I adore snuggling up next to you before I fall asleep and I love waking up to your little face pressed up against mine.

Life with you everything we could have dreamed of. You are nothing short of amazing and I continue to explode with love for you, from you and with you. I realise that you are no longer my little baby, but a young boy, a boy with a bike, a boy who loves sticks and crayons, who can climb, run and jump. You’re strong-willed, stubborn and smart. You prefer to choose what you wear and how you wear it. Despite feeling a bit sad that this part of our journey has come to an end so soon, I am excited and thrilled to explore everything that comes next. It is my pleasure to watch you grow and my privilege to be your mamma.

Whatever you choose to do in life or whoever you discover yourself to be, I will always love you for just the amazing individual you are.

Unconditionally and forever yours,

xx Mamma


(Apologies for the re-run of the photo, but it couldn’t be helped, it was just the best one from this week!)

Happy Birthday!!


Happy birthday, little prince!!

2 years old and rocking the world every day.

We love you!!

xx Mamma, pappa, Quincey, Hedda & Olav

Little man, Big steps

It’s end of an era and the beginning of the next. A point of no return.

He’s a walker.


For just over a week now Anakin has been walking. It started a while ago with a few steps here and there, but he was still very much a crawler, and a furiously fast one. But then something happened. We put him in a new room to give him some more space and some relief from the heat from the air con, and all of a sudden walking became fun. Maybe because it was easier because it is carpeted, maybe falling didn’t hurt as much or maybe it was just that this room was just the right size to make it all the way to something. Soon after his confidence grew through the roof as we were all beaming with pride and cheering him on. A week later and there’s no stopping him. The bruises are bigger, the falls are more painful, but he keeps on trucking, laughing his way from one room to the next. (Babies are funny when they walk, they look like drunk people, but are far more charming.)

I’m afraid my denial of him not being a baby anymore is harder to keep up. I’ve held him a bit closer this week, kissed him even more. My heart bursts with pride and aches as he grows up so fast.

Then there was Friday. I turned 33, and fabulous, I might add. I’m always torn about birthdays. This year my phone didn’t ring a single time, which is one time fewer than last year. In the era of Facebook and texts it seems calling is a thing of the past no matter what your relation. But then again, there’s a lot of birthday love coming from Facebook. And despite having a bit of the birthday blues, I did indeed feel very loved. We celebrated by going out to dinner, and what a marvellous dinner it was. It seems the older I get, the more feminine I choose to become. 33 being the year I’m going to start wearing lipstick. (If I can manage it, it always makes me feel claustrophobic.)

my apologies for the mirror selfie, it is the only photo I have from Friday with me in it. It must be the age, because I never do this sort of thing.

my apologies for the mirror selfie, it is the only photo I have from Friday with me in it.

So here’s to being 33 and fabulous, and the mother of a young jedi now mastering the art of walking.

I hope you’ve had a good weekend!

xx Dida

First trip around the sun

Has time always passed this quick? I can’t remember a year having gone by so fast before. On December 23rd Anakin completed his first trip around the sun. My baby is now 1 year old and becoming a toddler. What a year it has been!

Happy 1st Birthday, baby! You rock my world!!

Happy birthday!!!!

(Birthday fruit sculpture was supposed to occur later, but due to having to cancel his party it never happened. Sadface.)

I’ve thought a lot about life, motherhood and everything lately and here are a few things that have stood out to me, or just random things I can think of right now.

  1. The road to recovery after expelling a small human being from your vagina is surprisingly long, hard and painful. Everyone tells you about pregnancy and birth, no one mentions the aftermath.
  2. Young babies can projectile poo. That shit doesn’t have to hit a fan to spread.
  3. You have to teach some babies to sleep, and even when they’ve figured it out they might still decide to party all night long. Those “sleepers” you hear about belong to those “other people”.
  4. I have a strong dislike for parenting/baby advice from people who don’t have kids. If you’ve never breastfed a baby, don’t try to tell me how I should be doing it or for how long, and for the love of everything good, don’t even try to tell me I should be using formula if YOU’VE NEVER HAD A GODDAMN BABY YOURSELF!!
  5. It’s impossible to love being a mum absolutely all the time. It’s ok to be frustrated and get pissed off on occasion. Mothers are humans too, as are babies.
  6. Having a baby means people will stop inviting you to a lot of things. You’ll know it’s occurred because you’ll see a hundred photos of it on Facebook. Most of the time you’ll think “eeh.. whatever.” Sometimes you’ll think “A bbq? With all my best mates? In a park at daytime? Why couldn’t I come to that?” And then you’ll remember that you have something they don’t too, which is far better than a bbq, and quietly flip them a mental finger.
  7. A lot of people will think they know what’s best for your child, but no one but you will actually have a clue. It doesn’t matter if they’ve had 20 kids. They still won’t know it all, especially when it’s about your kid.
  8. It is possible to only get two winks of sleep per night, but still manage to smile a thousand smiles during the day because you’ve made the most excellent human being and he smiles at back you.
  9. People who say “this too shall pass” when you’re going through a rough patch are right despite you secretly wanting to punch them in the face. Everything passes. Remember all the good bits because before you know it they will pass too as new ones arrive and baby becomes toddler and so on.
  10. Hearing your kid laugh is the best sound in the world. (Followed by no sound at all as a close second.)

Anakin’s first (technically second) christmas was good. He was not interested in wrapping paper and not all that into presents at all really, but we had an excellent time, and he did get some really good presents. Due to his pappa having to finish his PhD we had to cancel his birthday party, but I think we still managed to celebrate it pretty well on the day. We’ve had two uncles from Norway visit, eaten a lot of great food, drank a lot of wine and had a great time over the holidays. Here are a few photos from the events:

Aunty Megan reads to the birthday boy

Aunty Megan reads to the birthday boy

A walker is in order!

A walker is in order!

Why open presents when you can eat?

Why open presents when you can eat?

Christmas dinner with Uncle Øyvind and Evan

Christmas dinner with Uncle Øyvind and Evan

More presents

More presents

Eating the tree

Eating the tree

Present winner this year was the steering wheel with sound

The steering wheel with sounds was definitely a winner

Tired, happy (and unusually strange looking) parents

Tired, happy (and unusually strange looking) parents

Hedda found the whole christmas thing rather uneventful

Hedda found the whole christmas thing rather uneventful

And of course, there was also the costume wedding and the fantastic New Year’s proposal! I’ll get to those next time.