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It’s a community thing

You’re probably thinking I’m talking about parenting, but no, it’s all about blogging. Bloggers are a community and every once in a while we show some appreciation for each other that go beyond likes, comments and the odd link back here and there.

About two weeks ago I received a blog award from one of my favourite bloggers. I was pretty stoked that someone I like so much and spend much time reading also likes me (or my blog at least)! Cue blushing and excitement. I’m talking about the wonderful Jona from Mammalivet i Berlin (life as a mum in Berlin). I have a bloggers crush on this lady. She inspires me and very often writes things I’m thinking about. If you haven’t read this blog I urge you to go do so. If you don’t speak norwegian there’s an option to translate the blog. Off you go!


Part of the deal with the blog award is to pay it forward to blogs that I love. While some may think this is a silly thing because there are no prizes or judges or whatever, I think it’s quite the opposite. It surely makes blogging a bit less of a solo adventure and more of a community thing. A bit of appreciation never hurt anyone, right? Without further ado here are 5 of my favourite blogs and they all have one think in common, they make me laugh:

Mummy Never Sleeps – Cas is a refreshingly honest SAHM to the hilarious Bean. She blogs about living with depression, life as a mum and other sarcastic tidbits.

Mamacravings – Eli is 3 years old and his mum writes down some of the precious conversations they have. Mamacravings fills my mummyheart to the brink.

Keeping up with the Holsbys– I’ve been a reader of Danielle’s blog since I started blogging. She writes about parenting, food and if there’s an elephant in the room, Danielle will tell you all about it. I’ve made a few of her recipes too and this girl can cook!

The reluctant mum’s blog – Honest, funny and sometimes sad. It’s refreshing to read a blog that openly talks about depression, anxiety and how mum sometimes needs to lock herself in a room and drink too much wine.

Over 50 under 5– a blog written by a baby and his father. A hilarious take on life with a new baby. “The most terrifying thing about babies is that there is no reasoning with them. There is little negotiation when you have little legroom. You can’t say, ‘Hey buddy, here’s the deal. You stop pounding on my kidney with your big toe and I’ll pay for college, all the way through.’ Lee (the dad) never fails to amuse me.

Alright, so now that that’s all out of the way, here are the rules of the game award:

• This award is given by real people to real people writing blogs that is real special in the way stated in the Award Logo.
• Show appreciation of the blogger who nominated you and link back to them in your post;
• Add the award logo to your blog;
• Share 7 things about yourself;
• Nominate 5 – 10 or more bloggers you admire;
• Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know.

So… 7 things about me. Yikes. Uhm. I hope you don’t expect them to be mind-blowing…

1– I usually get a bit of a facial twitch when someone introduces me as a photographer. I don’t particularly like it, it’s not really true and I will only ever do so myself if I can’t be bothered getting into the whole “I am an artist. Yes, I mainly work with photography. No, lightpainting is not painting. I am an image maker long before I am an image taker. No, I will not shoot your wedding.” It’s a bit of a pet hate of mine. Perhaps if people’s perception of what a photographer does extended a bit further than commercial photography, weddings and babies, I’d be more inclined to call myself one and leave it at that. There’s still a big difference between art photography and commercial photography in most cases. My photographic practice has a lot more emphasis on art than it does technical or commercial aspects.

2– I seriously can not wait to give birth again. Whenever that may happen. I loved it, it ruled and yes, I may be crazy for thinking so. (And no, I was not off my face on any sort of drug whatsoever.)

3– I’m 33 and I can’t drive a car. Never could. I like to tell people that it’s because I grew up on a race track when my mum raced cars, which is true, but that’s not the real reason. (Yes, my mum rules.) The real reason is that I was scared shitless by a friend who tried to teach me and since then getting behind a wheel gives me the shakes.

4- I am not a feminist. I’m all for women’s rights and I believe in equality, but I do not, nor have i ever, considered myself a feminist. I applaud the huge effort and all the work they did to pave the way for women like me, but I do not feel like I need to identify as a one to believe in equality or to stand up for myself as a woman. Sorry. I find memes telling me to reclaim my vagina insulting. My vagina has never been lost to me nor have I ever not been in control of it. I am a strong, independent woman, but first of all I am an individual (regardless of my gender) and an egalitarian. I believe in equal rights for all people no matter what gender, mental capabilities, sexual preference, religious beliefs, ethnicity or whatever other box you might want to put people in. If there’s a name other than egalitarian for that which ends in an -ist, that’s me, I guess. My non-feminist ways may have something to do with being raised by a strong woman who takes no shit from anyone regardless of their gender in a country which is ranked 3rd in the world for gender equality. Just saying.

5- My favourite fact is that in space when you burp you do a wet burp. (No, it’s not like vomiting.) Because of lack of gravity there is no separation between gas and liquid so it all comes out. I think it’s wicked and a bit gross.

6– I was tricked into eating whale once by my dear mother and I liked it. I have never eaten it again, nor will I ever because I like whales better when they’re alive than when they’re dead on a plate.

7– Before we had children I was adamant I only wanted one child. (And I hoped it was a boy.) Now that we have one kid I want another and the thought has crossed my mind that I may even want a third. (Cue panic from my partner… Relax, honey, I’m sure I won’t feel the same once we have two.)

That’s it! Please do pop by the blogs above and give them a read, they’re well worth a look.

Oh and Happy Friday!