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Day 307 to 311 – 365 Project


                                307/365 Rockstar 

You’re a cool dude with ‘tude. Despite feeling desperate for time to slow down, perhaps even to stop for a bit, I can’t wait to discover the little man you’ll grow into.



                                        308/365 Joy

It’s incredible the amount of joy you bring. I adore watching you capture the hearts of my friends, drawing them closer and making them your own.



                                309/365 Location scout 

We spent an afternoon running around Darebin parklands for another location scout. The sun was warm and low, the remnants of a flood still pinned to the landscape.



                            310/365 Rolling on the floor laughing

One of my favourite times of day is when we all get down on the floor to roll around, laugh and be silly. Forgetting about dirt, dust or chores, forgetting the difference between big and small, to meet right in the middle.



                                311/365  Let’s paint it red

Next time the zombie shuffle rolls into Melbourne we should take you. You could totally pull off doing your own makeup. I wonder if you’ll grow up to love zombie movies, if you’ll enjoy creating, if you’ll want to discover the world of everything art.

Day 212 to 216 – 365 Project


                                  212/365 Goodbye beach 

Before we left Portarlington we headed down to the beach for some play time. Your aunty Tone, who had been visiting, was soaking up the sun before going back to Norway a couple of days later. You look so small and lost crawling around while your pappa went to get your beach toys.



                                      213/365 Lemon face

I had so many lemons left after the photo shoot I did in Portarlington. You seemed quite curious about them, so I cut one up and gave it to you. Despite pulling a lot of sour faces, you kept on going back for more.


                                      214/365 Innocence

There’s something special about watching you crawl around half-naked. My heart melts just that little bit more. You’re so innocent, so blissfully oblivious to all the darkness in the world., and when I watch you, for a few moments, so am I.



                                        215/365 Brave 

It was time for your vaccinations again. This time you had three in one go, two in one arm and one in the other. You figured out what was going on after the first one and no amount of soap bubbles could distract you, but you were so brave. Once they were done, you gave the nurse a dirty look and clung to me. I’m sorry for the pain, my love.



                                       216/365 Wet 

Water is one of those things that never gets old or boring. It doesn’t matter if you did the same thing the day before, it’s equally interesting as long as it’s wet.