The 52 Project- 2016 – 1/52

A portrait series of my children, once a week, every week, for the next year.


Anakin: Always in character, usually in costume. Pure gold.



Isis: So close to your first birthday I can hardly believe it. Such a big personality for such a small body.


I told myself that this year I would post every week as the weeks went by. Well, that obviously didn’t happen. I could blame not having a laptop but really it’s more because I have two kids mostly at home, I have my own micro business that I do from home and editing photos just isn’t high on my list of priorities when the day nears its end and I finally have an hour to myself. So they’ll be late, but they’ll be here eventually. Without titles most of time this year because it’s just easier not to. Happy new 52 year!


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