27/52 – Attitude

A portrait series of my children, once a week, every week, for the next year.


Anakin: You are full of attitude, for better and for worse. You’re getting more aware of your own image and some days you are near impossible to take a photo of. And I have to learn to respect that, respect that you are ultimately in control of whether you let me photograph you or not. One of these days the tables will likely turn and I’ll be the one pulling faces or running away. (But since you’ve already broken two cameras I say we wait another few months before we try giving you number 3.) 



Isis: Forever exploring and figuring out exactly how you fit into this world. Some days you are quiet as a mouse, others you let the world (or me at least) know that this volcano harbours violent eruptions too. 


After a few weeks without a laptop (YIKES!) and even longer living in a house full of sick people I am finally getting back to posting these. Bare with me while I still try to wrap up June… (yep, you read right. June.)

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