Spring is easily my favourite time of year. Freesias blooming, birds chirping, the works. It’s warm enough to shed some layers, but not yet hot enough to make you head for the air con (if you have it). As it crept up towards 31 today I got a small reminder of what pregnancy was like the first time around in summer. Yep, it’s gonna be one of those summers.

Here’s a bunch of snaps of what we’ve been up to so far this spring. (I’ve been camera lazy. I need to work on that.)



Freesias- our front yard is full of them in early spring. They smell divine and look amazing.


 Planting some strawberries.


 Hedda loves to hang out outside.



 Who needs a sandpit when you can make one yourself (next to your actual sandpit).





 We heart Bundoora farm!




 Eating parsley under the umbrella.


 The season’s first BBQ and some delicious non-alcoholic sparkling wine.


The BBQ chef.




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