25/52 – Prince Charming

A portrait of my son once a week, every week, for the 3rd year of his life.


Anakin: My Prince Charming. You’re such a gentle soul with a heart far bigger than your body. I cut my finger cooking today and you noticed it at the dinner table. You asked for a tissue and started to wipe my cut with such a gentle touch. You periodically peeked under the tissue to see if it was still there before you lifted it, smelled it and said “It smells like ouch. Are you ok, mamma? There’s blood, did you hurt yourself? I’ll make it better for you.” 

You’ve got so much love, so much care for the people around you. When I tell you we’re going to see someone the first thing you say is how much you’ll cuddle them and how much you’re looking forward to it. And you do, you give the biggest hugs and make the people around you aware of how happy you are to see them. 

I burst with pride, awe and love at the little things you do without ever being asked to do so. Like saying thank you for dinner when we finish at the table or making sure pappa gets an ice cream before you do. 

One of my favourite things these days is how your hands find my neck in the morning, you cuddle closer for a while before you start stroking my back. When I turn around and open my eyes you press your face to mine and smile so big your eyes beam. You start whispering about things you want to do and games you want to play. I can’t imagine waking up without you next to me. I can’t imagine a life where you aren’t the first and the last thing I see every day. 

One response

  1. Saa utrolig nydelig; personligheten hans straaler ut av dette bildet og det du skriver!! ❤

    June 24, 2014 at 4:02 pm

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