16/52 – Bestemor

A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, for the 3rd year of his life.  


Anakin: You were so excited when we told you bestemor (grandma) was coming for a visit. She was welcomed with open arms and since then you have been beside yourself with excitement and joy. Every morning you run into your room to check if she is still there, and thankfully she will be for another week. It is a pleasure watching you glow and embrace her with your all-encompassing love. While I wish you could grow up surrounded by your family in Norway, I hope you  will come to understand the choices we have made and why we have made them. And it helps to know how much you love and adore your Australian family. 

While we don’t see your grandparents very often, I am thankful for the likes of Skype and FaceTime which allow you to know them anyway. They will not be strangers to you. And I know this because I saw first hand the warm embrace you gave your bestemor the moment you saw her. 

As for myself, I am not only thankful for getting to spend time with my mother, but also to have some time off. 

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