The holiday sleep series

Sleeping away from home is never easy when you’re little. During our trip to the Sunshine Coast I had to work out new ways to help Anakin nap. We rented a portacot, but as per usual he refused to sleep in it and it became a bit of fencing instead to help keep him in bed. We all slept in the same bed as usual, but before we turned in and during nap time I had to build a kind of cocoon to keep him for rolling out. (Which he did the first night. Ops.)

the sleep cocoon

the sleep cocoon

I would stay in the room with him for his nap until he fell sleep, often trying to get some sleep myself (and failing) from having to get up at 4.30 every day. And from part boredom and absolute infatuation with watching him sleep I started taking photos of him every day, either with my phone or with my camera. In case you’re wondering, yes, he did sleep in the same pi’s most days.


This is one of my favourite photos. I only wish it was taken with the Nikon and not the iPhone (instagram @didajenta)

_DSC1833_web 2013-12-02_1385949239 2013-12-03_1386041113 2013-12-03_1386041313 2013-12-07_1386401033

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset IMG_4774 IMG_4802




Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

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