Day 346 to 350 – 365 Project


                               346/365 Best boys

These two. They both hold very special places in my heart. My nephew came to say a final goodbye on our last day in Norway. In some ways this was the hardest goodbye of them all. 7 years ago I left him as a little boy crying on the floor of his mum’s living room before going back to Australia, both of us heartbroken and  unaware of how long it would be until we would see each other again. This year, after hugging him goodbye as many times as I could, I watched him walk down the street while I fought against every instinct telling me to run after. It better not be 7 years until next time. Please.



                           347/365 Homeward bound 

And then we were off again. To you it was just another day. Unaware of final goodbyes and the distance we were about to put between us and our families. There were more airports to run around in, new things to explore. Your happiness is so infectious it was hard to stay sad for very long.



                                  348/365 Fumes

You were running on fumes once we got to Kuala Lumpur. Your pappa and I were both exhausted, but you, you just kept running. I couldn’t be prouder of how you handled the long journey. Despite one massive meltdown you were a champion (as was I for being your human pacifier most of the time).



                                349/365 The long sleep 

(iphone photo) Once we got home we slept and slept and slept. It was so nice to have our big family bed back. You surprised me again by sleeping for hours when I was sure of the opposite. Who would ever want to get up with you holding their hand?



                                     350/365 Winter sun

(iPhone photo) After three weeks in the summer sun it was back to winter and woollen jumpers. We were so groggy, barely getting out of bed before crawling back in. Pappa went straight back to work for the Melbourne Webfest while we slept. When we finally woke  and dragged ourselves out of bed he was back with us.


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