Day 341 to 345 – 365 Project

So because my metadata was on Australian date and time while we were in Norway I got confused and ended up with two images from the same day posted as two different days. So here’s the real 341 image.


                                341/365 Bitten 

Poor little man. You were eaten alive by mosquitos while we were at the cabin. I counted the bites on your face while you nursed, 60 just there. But you didn’t mind. You were still all smiles. My heart broke a little seeing you eaten alive, but with only more night to go we stayed on because to you it was all the same.



                                   342/365 Trio 

The three musketeers, the dog, your cousin and you. Like peas in a pod.



                                  343/365 Family 

(Photo by Odd) Your grandpa P has wanted a photo with all his kids and grandkids for a long time. We’ve never been gathered all at once before and managed to pile together for a few frames. Out of all of them this is one of my favourites. We only got to spend two days at his farm, but it was two beautiful days with so many great faces.



                                    344/365 Tractor

Your face was beaming when your grandpa P let you sit in his tractor. I’m not sure who enjoyed it more. You were blissfully unaware, but I could see how heartbroken he was that we had to go in only a few hours. If he could I’m sure he’d let you sit there all day, he’d take you for a ride and spoil you rotten.



                                  345/365 Goodbyes

On our second last day in Norway we had already begun to say our many goodbyes. We tried to squeeze in as many hugs as we could. You took a ride on your great grandma Ruddi’s lap, finally overcoming the fear and making her your friend.


(More snapshots from our trip to Norway coming soon!)


2 responses

  1. it becomes so heartbreaking, living so far from your family. It was totally okay before Timothy was born – but now I really feel their heartbreak – and it breaks my heart, too… Have you moved to Australia for good or are you planning to move back?

    October 8, 2013 at 4:35 am

    • It is sad, but I’m ok with it. I have no intention of moving back to Norway. It’s not ideal to live this far away, but I was miserable in Norway and I can’t do my work there, so I’d rather live here and be happy than move there to be closer, give up everything I have worked for and be unhappy. Anakin will still know his Norwegian family, he just won’t see them as often. We have a great network here and I think my health and happiness will ultimately benefit him more. I obviously feel for everyone and wish there was a way to have more face to face contact, but we’re making it work. It really helps that my mum is very supportive of my choice and has been from the day I moved, and knows that I am not coming back. Are you thinking of moving back?

      October 9, 2013 at 9:29 pm

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