Day 332 to 336 -365 project

You’re probably wondering why it’s taking me so long to finish the posting and editing of this project when the actual shooting ended in August… or you may not wonder at all. The answer, anyhow, is a lot. There simply isn’t enough hours in the day, but I’ll get there, eventually.



                           332/365 Taking a moment

I love it when I capture you taking a moment. When you’re completely unaware of the camera, or simply don’t care that it’s there, just enjoying the feel of a shark (or a dolphin?) between your teeth and whatever your current view is.



                                      333/365 Tired 

The days were long and full of action while we were in Norway. You were still battling jet lag, always caught up in all the excitement. In between visits and new faces we did our best to make sure you had some much needed down time. Id’ sit in the back with you, sometimes holding your head to stop it from bopping around too much, and we’d drive around for as long as it took for you to have a good sleep. I think your pappa and I needed that time too, to tune out, to talk or to just listen to the radio.



                                    334/365 Ruddi

Your first meeting with your great grandma, Ruddi. It was a bit exciting and a bit scary. You kept your distance for most of the visit, briefly getting close to check out her watch or her wheel chair. I’m so happy we got to spend some time with her, and thrilled that you two had a chance to get acquainted.



                            335/365 Festival, ice cream and grandpa PH 

It was yet another first meeting. Grandpa PH popped up to say hello during the jazz festival in Kongsberg to treat you to a balloon, some cuddles and a big ice cream. You are so easy-going with new people, so trusting, but sometimes things are best enjoyed in the safety of pappa’s arms.



                         336/365 Yoghurt face

Grandma M’s yoghurt and muesli was so good you had to stick your entire face in the bowl to get the very last bits out. When the food’s really good I do the same.


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