Day 322 to 326 – 365 Project


                             322/365 Monkey boy

Little monkey boy. I’ve taken thousands of photos of you already, but every day there is something new, something slightly different. I occasionally wonder what you’ll think of the enormous image library we have of you when you grow older. Will you look at it with curious amazement? Will you think it is too much?



                                  323/365 Cheeky

I now that face. It’s the cheeky face, the Ops, I didn’t see you there. I swear wasn’t doing anything…



                             324/365 Read to me 

“Bok. Bok, mamma.” (Bok is book in Norwegian.) I try my best to take the time to read to you as often as I can. You’ll pick a book and bring it to me, “Bok, mamma”, holding it up while looking at me with that little face that says please. You sit down on my lap and we read. Some books you’ll skip to your favourite part, particularly if we’ve made a funny voice for something. Most of them we have to read twice, and one is never enough.



                               325/265 Mammis 

I took you to the one of the local stores one day before our trip to Norway to get some things to bring on the plane. On the way in you spotted this weird looking tiger with huge eyes. You desperately wanted it and I thought it was a good size to bring on the plane. A few days before you’d been calling Hedda (one of our cats) Mammis and I suggested the tiger could be called that instead. I’m not sure what it was about this odd looking toy, but since then Mammis has been one of your trusted friends.



                        326/365 Flying high 

We were finally on our way to Norway. Our first stop was in Dubai. We had a bite to eat and spent the rest of the time running around, burning energy in hopes of a quiet trip ahead. (Post on traveling with a toddler here.)


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