Day 317 to 321 – 365 Project


                               317/365 Babushka 

You go quiet. Quiet worries me, it often means trouble, but not this time. This time I find you in deep concentration trying to put the Babushkas back together again.



                                  318/365 Extreme sport

Climbing everything is the new big thing. It seems that every time I turn around I find you climbing something else. It’s your own personal extreme sport. It doesn’t matter how often you fall down or how much you hurt yourself, seconds later you’re back on the horse.



                                  319/365 The Observer

Busy trying to get things ready for a photo shoot, I stop in my tracks as I see you standing at the upstairs window. The taxi driving the people next door to and from work has arrived. You watch them intently as they make their way inside before you spring back to life.



                                  320/365 Slugs & Snails

Your cheeks are still rosy from the cold air outside. I’ve stripped you down to your Slugs and Snails tights for dinner. It’s just you and me at home. You tell me all about your day between bites of food even though I’ve spent the whole day with you.



                                   321/365 Family 

There are three kinds of family; the one you’re born into, the one you partner up with and the one you choose. Being Norwegian expats the two first are oceans away, but the third one is spread all over, with a large part living right here. Your family is as much Australian as it is Norwegian, and I’m so happy you get to grow up surrounded by so much love.


One response

  1. Mrs Gouthro

    Awe, he is so cute in The Observer, his little inquisitive mind.

    August 26, 2013 at 12:31 pm

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