Journey to Norway through snap shots, Part 2- Faces

So I realised as I was trying to pick just a few photos (out of a hell of a lot) that most of the photos from our second week in Norway were all about faces. (I’m partly lying. Pretty much all of my happy snaps are about faces.) I guess this just signifies what we did the most, which was meet up with people.


Early morning walk in the backyard with grandma L


Hanging out with grandma M and two of his great grandparents

Our second week was all about catching up with friends and family.  My oldest nephew arrived from the states for a visit. I was fortunate to enjoy as much time as possible with him while he was there despite our jam packed program.  The Kongsberg Jazzfestival was on which meant a lot of people where around. We saw one of my favourite female artists, Hanne Hukkelberg, play in the old baroque church on Thursday and enjoyed a rare night out with our friends from Australia on Saturday. We moved between families as best we could and did our best to try to see everyone at least once.


These two became friends immediately


A quiet moment on what became the new favourite toy


Having a sip of water while waiting for grandma M to give him a haircut


Uncle O makes sure small paws are nice and clean after a snack


I hadn’t seen my oldest nephew in 7 years. Seeing him was by far the highlight of the trip for me. He holds a special place in my heart, so much that I tattooed his face on me 7 years ago to keep him close when he is far away. (Granted it’s not the best tattoo ever)


New friends. There were plenty of new, small faces to get to know for all of us


Being on the go all the time took its toll on our little man


We managed to squeeze in a few visits with another great grandma who was more than happy to be visited by our little jedi


Roaming the park during the Kongsberg Jazzfestival in style


Meeting grandpa PH and doing some people watching while enjoying an ice cream


Opening presents with aunty J


The big extended family BBQ. We invited all of our friends over for a BBQ on Friday during the jazzfestival. It was the only occasion we got to see a lot of them unfortunately. This was one of the best days during the whole trip.



Norwegian wave. Two of our best friends from Australia were travelling and came to visit.


Family BBQ slowly turning into more of a party. Good times with good people



Good face


Two of my favourite people


Mother and son hugs


It was a day of love, all over the place


Two cousins sharing some sultanas. Definitely see the family resemblance here


Grandma M removing some splinters like a pro. Anakin didn’t even flinch

That concludes part 2. Stay tuned for more reminiscing about cabin life and summer days soon.

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