Day 272 to 276 – 365 Project


                                    272/365 Norwegian bear

I love the Australian landscape. We took you location scouting to Laughing Waters and you were a little Norwegian bear roaming the Australian bush.



                                       273/365 Ben Salter

Ben Salter played a gig at our friend’s house during his backyard tour. It was your first ever concert. Ben was mightily impressed by your name and your hats, you were fascinated by his music for a few minutes and then found an open door somewhere.



                                    274/365 Fluffy love

Come here, let me hug you and tell you all my secrets.



                                    275/365 Finger painting 

First time finger painting. Just as I said “I’m impressed he’s only gone for the paper”, your hands found a new canvas on your head and your face. Just as they’re supposed to.



                                  276/365 A breath of summer 

After winter set in summer came back to visit us for a brief couple of days. We made the most of it and threw off our woollen beanies and thick jackets, and soaked up the sun.


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