Day 262 to 266 – 365 Project


                                      262/365 Look alike

When you were a baby I used to think you looked more like me than your pappa. As you grow older I think you look more like just you, with the best from both of us.



                                    263/365 Runner

Sometimes I miss how easy things were before you mastered the art of walking and running. Everywhere is more exciting than just where we are, there’s always something to explore around the next corner.



                                   264/365 Teeth

It’s only fair that you should get to brush your pappa’s teeth when he gets to brush yours.



                                 265/365 The bigger one

You’ve discovered that there’s someone in the house you’re bigger than. An added bonus is that he’s fluffy and cuddly, but you need to be gentle.



                                  266/365 More Mexican Face

Another night, another successful mexican (dinner) face.


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