Day 247 to 251 – 365 Project


                                  247/365 View from above

I have the best view from up here when I look down at you holding my legs asking to be picked up. I have an even better view when I pick you up.



                                      248/365 Toy car

You, me and a purple toy car at the playground. We all go down the slide, roll in the grass and soak up the sun.



                                    249/365 Foodie

You keep amazing me with your love of good food and the variety of what you eat. As long as it’s fresh, wholesome food packed with flavour you’ll eat it. You are truly a joy to cook for.



                                   250/365 Old School 

I love old photo booths. The tangibility of the whole process from capture to print. The streaks and smell of the chemicals, the odd spots and discolouration.  I remember how exciting I thought having my photo taken in one was when I was younger. I hope that by taking you to have ours taken together as often as I can we’re extending the life expectancy of these soon to be relics while also creating some different photographic keepsakes for ourselves.



                             251/365 King of the castle 

You’re king of the castle, ruler of the household, captor of my heart.


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