Day 232 to 236 – 365 Project


                                         232/365 Wrong direction

We go for an afternoon walk just before dinner. You’re so determined to walk up to the main road and fall in a heap of tears every time I turn you around.



                                  233/365 Conception

We go to say goodbye to our friend Japes at our old house. She’s flying back to Europe to be with her partner. You run around playing in the backyard, completely unaware that your pappa and I lived in this house for 5 years before you were born and this was where you were conceived.



                                       234/365 Thinker

Your face in deep thought in the cheese aisle. I wonder what you think about when you drift off and your eyes go far away.



                                         235/365 Pause

A pause in between games. Time for a quick cuddle. I sit down in the chair, you walk around and put your head in my lap. I love you so much I could burst.



                                      236/365 Just you and me

Pappa flew to LA early that morning. It was just you and me for the next week. You, too little to understand he was gone, me, a little apprehensive about flying solo, but always happy to get to spend my time with you.

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