Day 222 to 226 – 365 Project


                                222/365 The Artist

One of the things I look forward to the most is the continued sharing of my love of art with you. Making, seeing, thinking, talking. I know it’s very early days and we’ve only just begun to explore crayons, but I dearly hope you’ll come to share my passion for art and creativity.



                                      223/365 Toes 

I look at your feet and think “how small, how innocent” and then remember that not long ago they were even smaller. Like the rest of you, they’re so soft, still so new to the world and everything that makes our skin grow thicker and harder.



                                   224/365 An end and a beginning

It was officially over. You were no longer a roller or a crawler. No longer a tiny baby, no longer sheltered by you inability to move. You finally entered the world of walking. I proudly watched you as you stepped outside and walked down the street.



                                     225/365 Reader

You are still such a reader, a true lover of books. I remember this book well. It was a gift from the council nurse on the last home visit after you were born. I remember holding you the whole time she was here, you asleep in my arms, brand new and so peaceful.



                                 226/365 New room

We finally moved you into a new room to give you shelter from the heat, just as summer was ending. You were so excited. A bigger space, one that was just yours to explore and play in. Seeing you so happy was everything we hoped for and more.

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